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  1. If we are both writing new sections of the wiki, we should coordinate so we dint birth write the same one in parallel. I'm working on Offline Lists. 

    1. Team DEMP

      Team DEMP

      I just saw this. I added a couple hints & how-tos. As more is added it will need to get organized in sections.   I was a little surprised Nic didn't have any content. I thought maybe he would have started with the minimal content in the app help file. 

      I'm about to head out on vacation to Italy for 2 weeks so I won't have much time after this weekend to put towards the wiki. 


    2. Team DEMP

      Team DEMP

      Thanks for checking out the More screen content I started to add in the Wiki, There are some options I'm not familiar with so it was good you added info. I asked Nic if there's a way to communicate with other wiki contributors in the wiki or maybe he can setup a new section in the forum we can post for assistance or review. 

      - David

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