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  1. Jimmy

    log without date

    Somehow, there were a few missing date / time, logging them in the same way as others. Do not have any left of these on the phone.
  2. Jimmy

    log without date

    We were in the US and did not log online but saved the logs in the program and sent them when you had real wifi. Some created logs received no date / time stamp and could not send, could not add dates later. The solution might be to delete the wrong log and make a new one. Any suggestions for better handling of this?
  3. Jimmy

    Create log

    Normally, I use the template for my log. Sometimes it would be better to copy the last log and then adjust it.
  4. Jimmy

    Keyword för D/T

    I would like a keyword for D/T //Jimmy
  5. Jimmy

    Multi-Cache Experience / Trackables

    Good wishes. Point 3 is what I miss most when it is required even in other types and can not be solved without the other program or on a website.