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  1. Thanks Nic, I am travelling in northern Australia (Cape York) and just found some (rare) mobile data signal. I updated Cachly to 5.2.2 (8) and can no longer replicate the problem Thanks for the prompt response. Peter Bunkall
  2. We were doing a multicache today and created a new user waypoint. Problem 1. At the time of creation the longitude and latitude were both set to 00.00.000. I’m sure they used to start at the current location on the basis that the new waypoint was close by and just needed tweaking from current location. Starting at 00.00.000 is frustrating esp downunder near the International Date Line Problem 2. Having created a new user waypoint we realised we had got the coords wrong. We entered Edit. When selecting Longitude or Latitude, the existing coordinates are both reset to 00.00.000 forcing us to start from scratch. This makes changing existing coords very difficult and very frustrating in the field. Normally only a small tweet is needed when a erroneous coord is entered and needs correcting.
  3. Nic, I've just returned from a trip to the US (Hawaii) where I did all my Geocaching with Cachly in Offline mode using pre-loaded Pocket Query Lists and with Mobile Roaming turned off on my phone (I'm too mean to buy a US SIM for a 1 week trip!). I am completely unable to add Trackable visits to my cache logs as I go thru the day - I get an error message preventing me from even accessing the "Trackable Drop/Visit" screen. The message is "The Internet connection appears to be offline". Similarly, when I tap the Trackables icon at the bottom of the screen, I get the same message yet Cachly could presumably remember which trackables I had last time it looked online?? Is there any plan to make the whole Trackable workflow work offline (obviously "grabbed" can't function offline but for visits and drops it should be possible?). It would save travellers a lot of time in the evening when we finally hit some wifi!!
  4. After a Pocket Query is downloaded on the "Pocket Queries" screen, there is no indication left behind that the download has completed and when it was last done. I think it would be a nice addition to Cachly if the individual Queries could be marked in some way (a background or typeface colour change maybe) to indicate that they have already been downloaded. Not sure if it's possible to extend this by having the original colour return if the Pocket Query is refreshed at geocaching.com (which would indicate it needs re-downloading into Cachly). The addition of the date of download (space permitting) would also be a great feature.
  5. Nic, I did quite a bit of caching on my recent Christmas Holiday (it's summer downunder!) and I am now a complete Cachly convert - I love it! Version 2.0 was GREAT and 2.0.1 is even GREATER and then today I get 2.0.2 - it's like Christmas for Geocachers every few weeks :-) There is one feature from Geosphere which I always found useful and wanted to see if you would consider its inclusion in Cachly at some point - actually its two related things.. They are similar to the earlier posting called "Bearing Indication" which you liked but take it a step further I think... 1) Could the option be made available to display a List (offline or otherwise) by direction. Eg Choose "North" and the list shows only caches between NNE and NNW in ascending order of distance. Ditto for all the other key points on the compass (N, NNE, NE, ENE, E,...). This is VERY useful if you are driving (or walking a trail) in a particular direction as it avoids you being shown the caches behind you or out of reach to the side but closer than the next one in front. 2) Could the List (offline or otherwise) be enhanced with a small compass directional arrow. This would also make it easier to see the next cache ahead. Rather than try to explain this in words, I have attached a screen shot as a guide (it's from the now apparently unsupported Geosphere which does this rather well) Peter
  6. I need to do some experimenting over this because there's no point leaving Cachly running only to find that some other random App is still using the GPS. The problem I have is that immediately after I click the top button on the phone to bring it out of sleep mode, the little (Location) arrow is showing. Problem here is that there's actually no way of being 100% sure the GPS is off as Apple don't treat it as the battery-hungry accessory that it is! If they did it, would have its own clearly-marked icon (Android does) which we could all refer to. When I left the GPS on while using Geosphere my battery life was always significantly affected and I could almost see it falling while in use (not quite but you know what I mean). When it was explicitly and routinely switched off (eg while hiking to and from a cache or driving) my battery lasted much much longer. As it's summer now Downunder (well almost!), I should get a chance to test all this someday soon. I'm looking forward to using Cachly in earnest as it seems to be much more accurate with its compass. After that I will also report back on battery usage having followed Nic's instructions (and those of my fellow Kiwi "barefoorguru").
  7. I'd heard on the Geosphere Forums that your customer support was second to none and now I know the rumours are true!! I hadn't properly connected the Location icon with the GPS as I was under the impression that Location came from multiple sources (incl internet routers, wifi & GPS). If it's that clearcut, then you've just locked me onto another important tool for managing battery performance in the field. Thanks also for the Airplane Mode tip - hadn't hooked into that one either!! Think I'll go back to the Geosphere Forum now and see if I can drum up some more customers for you - you deserve them
  8. Excellent news. Thanks for making the commitment.
  9. Nic, Thanks for the prompt reply. I don't think the option of exiting Cachly all the time while caching would be very practical. If however, you are assuring us (and I have to trust you on this) that the GPS is turned off by iOS when the phone is locked, then that would probably work. I assume that if Cachly is left running (while the phone is locked), the GPS switches back on immediately you bring the phone out of lock? Not totally ideal but so long as you consciously keep locking the phone while caching, you should be able to extend the battery life beyond a few hours.
  10. Nic, I've just downloaded Cachly on the recommendation of other frustrated Geosphere users and THEY WERE RIGHT! This is a great Geocaching App. As a Geosphere refugee it'll come as no surprise that I'm doing a little feature-matching as I get used to Cachly! I took Cachly for a run yesterday and this is one of two things I noticed that would (in my view) greatly improve the Cachly experience. As you will be very aware, running the GPS in an iPhone is hard on battery life. As a Geosphere user, I'm used to being able to turn the GPS in the iPhone on and off while using the application and would love to see this capability added to Cachly. In practice, you locate your cache with the GPS on, discover it's a 10 minute hike up the trail, turn off the GPS while you hike and then turn it on again when you get close to GZ. Once the cache is found, turn the GPS off again for the hike back to the car! This way the GPS is only sucking the battery flat for the time it takes to actually locate the cache - not the whole time you are getting there and back. You've them got half a chance of getting your iphone battery to last more than half the day. I'm thinking that a simple on/off button on the Map and Compass screens would be perfect.
  11. Nic, I'm a Geosphere refugee! I've just downloaded Cachly on the recommendation of other frustrated Geosphere users and THEY WERE RIGHT! This is a great Geocaching App. I took Cachly for a run yesterday and this is one of two things I noticed that would (in my view) greatly improve the Cachly experience. Bulk uploading of Pending Logs would be a huge help for those of us who travel overseas and Geocache without Data Plans on our phones. I always accumulate my finds during the day and bulk upload in the evening. Maybe the feature could include "Select All" and then allow the deselection of individual logs prior to actual upload. Looking forward to version 2 - Hope Apple don't take too long approving it so you can include this feature in Version 2.1
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