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    Sailaboat got a reaction from Nic Hubbard in Loading a GPX file from other than Dropbox   
    Very straight forward.  Worked slick.
    Thank you!
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    Sailaboat got a reaction from Nic Hubbard in Filter Options for 3.0   
    Hey Nic,
    My workflow is:
    - run Pocket queries on geocaching web site.  The only caches I exclude in my PQ's are puzzles.  I have a separate PQ and a separate database for unsolved puzzles
    - load the pocket queries into GSAK (I run 10 queries each day), which then load into 5 separate data bases (it's all automated with macros)
    - from within GSAK run a check on cache status (disabled & archived are now flagged in the GSAK database)
    - run another macro to generate a GPX file in my Cachly dropbox folder.  This macro has all my filtering in it.  I typically filter down to available and no events.  I only put solved puzzles in my main database to prevent heading off into some corn field on private property only to realize it's the placeholder, not the location of the cache
    So in a nutshell, I do all my filtering on my exported GPX file in GSAK.  From within Cachly I import a clean ("clean" as in what I want it filtered too) GPX file.  I would probably not use any filtering in Cachly.
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    Sailaboat got a reaction from Nic Hubbard in Off-line Expectations   
    Hey Nic,
    I'm into day 2 of using Cachly.  So far so good.  Nice product.
    Prior to trying out Cachly I've been using software to load PQ's into an off-line local data base.  This is my "version of the truth".
    With the software, I can manipulate the data in very sophisticated ways, augmenting it with User fields, filtering out unwanted caches (e.g. ones that are disabled, or mystery caches which I don't have the solution for, and haven't corrected the coordinates for).
    The software interfaces to my GPS unit, and I upload the database to the GPS unit, as well as to my iPhone, which has another piece of software on it.
    A philosophical usage question.  Do you ever see Cachly being able to support the offline version of the truth, it will it always be skewed towards the online API world?