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  1. Thanks Nic, great to know about the ability to add images. I've just tested the personal notes and they're definitely not being updated. Maybe because it's an existing offline cache? I checked that the notes of an already existing offline cache and the notes on the website were the same I edited the notes on the website to add a line I created a new pocket query which included that cache I downloaded the pocket query, through the '…more' tab, into a new list The notes weren't updated I dragged the cache page down to force a refresh, and the notes were updated Cachly 7.1.1 (1), iOS 16.1
  2. I regularly update my offline lists with pocket queries. From using Cachly (rather than specific testing), it seems images aren't downloaded and personal notes aren't updated? This means I need to rely on cell reception if I want to see images for a cache in an offline list, and personal notes can be out of date.
  3. Would love to see Cachly support CarPlay. While I usually tell Cachly to use Apple Maps to navigate, it would be great to also be able to show the Cachly map with caches directly on the car's screen. Would be useful when gathering a number of caches in an area, rather than setting up Apple Maps to navigate to each one; and also when there's no cellular reception.
  4. Clear map on refresh is off. Live map issue is inconsistent, but this will sometimes reproduce it. Seems to be related to searching for a cache which is already on the map. have a bunch of caches loaded tap one tap the info box tap the cache code to copy it back out tap somewhere else on the map to dismiss the info box move the map so the just selected cache is off the screen zoom in paste the cache code into the search box and hit search map will stay in current position, cache isn't selected For offline maps, maybe it's working as intended so a feature request? If I search for a cache code or small number of caches, it would make sense for Cachly to scroll the map to the results.
  5. Looking for a way to filter the newly found caches after going on to geocaching.com and submitting the draft logs — turning them into actual finds.
  6. I haven't figured out the pattern, but Cachly is unpredictable when searching a list of caches. I usually search on the GC code, and the results can be: Live map scrolls to cache, and label is popped up — the ideal response or Live map ignores search Or Offline map doesn't scroll to the searched cache, but does reduce the caches down to just the searched cache (without popping label up)
  7. I use Cachly for both logging caches and navigating. It can be a nuisance having the screen blocked for the time it takes to submit an online (draft) log — when slow it's anywhere from 5 seconds to a minute if the cell connection is bad (or about to time out). Would be handy if Cachly could do this in the background.
  8. Cachly marks found caches with a tick when you submit a draft find. Would be handy if there was a filter to show just these caches — then after submitting the logs I could see and refresh those caches on both devices.
  9. If I open up Cachly again after moving location, say 50 km, then hit the current location arrow, Cachly will sometimes do a slow wander around the map until finally arriving at the current location — it can take 5+ seconds. I think this is new in the last few updates. Pretty sure the phone has got my new location before then, so would rather Cachly jumped straight to my current location :] Offline maps, latest Cachly and iOS.
  10. I regularly run Cachly on both my iPad and iPhone. If I change a highlight on one device, Cachly on the other device will crash. Lasest Cachly and iOS/iPadOS
  11. I’d also find it handy to be able to edit Drafts in Cachly. When online I use them over Pending logs, as they're immediately stored in the cloud and accessible from any device. Which works well… until I think of something else to add to the draft
  12. Wherever the dialogue came up to Login / Continue Offline… usually the map screen. But the most recent time it was quick going to the login screen
  13. Same issue, but last time I reported it was just me. What’s worse is the re-login takes so long the OS will often terminate Cachly — maybe why the settings get lost.
  14. Unless I’ve missed the option… Would like to see offline list filters for: If a cache is ticked — i.e. a find has been logged and submitted to geocaching.com. Applying the filter would be a quick way to count a large number of found caches which are currently submitted draft logs; and also hide them from the map (the normal tick is hidden if they’re also archived/disabled). If the most recent log entry is a DNF. Could use this to quickly see what caches should be investigated while planning a large cache run.
  15. OK, thanks for the reply. There's nothing which looks like a Cachly crash log — is there a log created when the application is terminated for not responding? It happened again this morning, I think the issue is something's really slow to present the Login / Continue Offline dialog — so a lot of the time Cachly is terminated for not responding. It took 20-odd seconds this morning after the first crash. Once the dialog comes up, I click Login, then Agree — no username/password required.
  16. For the last few weeks when running Cachly, I keep having to login to geocaching.com again. This happens maybe once every day or 2. The first time I've been logged out, Cachly usually crashes the first few launches, after which it presents the screen to login again. Cachly 6.1.4, iOS 14.0.1
  17. When planning a trip I'll be looking at a specific location, sometimes moving between Live view and a couple of different offline Lists (or View All Offline Caches). Would be great to have the specific location stick, so I don't need to keep panning and zooming when switching between maps/lists. Maybe leave Live separate, but always remember the location & zoom when switching between offline lists?
  18. For journey planning along minor backroads, would be handy to have an option to keep the smaller roads showing on the map. e.g. Be able to see the roads between caches here:
  19. I like how the images are available in Drive, that’s handy!
  20. Great to see the strong Cachly development! Is there further documentation on the features in 6.1? Couldn’t find any in Cachly or the wiki: How do you activate/use proximity alert? I presume images in personal notes are only accessible within Cachly — not stored at geocaching.com?
  21. On iOS (don’t know about others), you can tap & hold a link or message, then copy & paste it.
  22. The offline OSM has a variety of dashed line colours to mark ¿different? kinds of walking tracks (blue, brown, red…). Would like to see an easily accessible legend somewhere, maybe an entry on the new press-and-hold map popup menu.
  23. This got much worse with iOS 13 I typically see it when I'm in Cachly, pull down the Control Centre and take a photo, then go back to Cachly — it's been killed, so I lose the tab I was on, and the list I was in. iPhone 11 Pro
  24. Cachly 5.2.6 displays patrons under the About screen. How does one become a patron, and how much is the donation? (Suggest that info is also added to the patrons screen)
  25. Remember cache details are now shared between lists, so if it exists in another list it'll still be an 'old' cache.
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