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  1. Hi, I like to keep areas around home in offline lists and up to date, so they're always available for unplanned caching where there's no cell coverage.  I currently have 6 PQs with around 800 caches each, covering different geographic areas (some overlap).  Every week I delete the 6 old offline lists and download the new PQs.

    Wondering if a better workflow would be a one of combining of the offline lists into a single list, then weekly using Cachly's Update Caches function on all 5,000 caches.  Plus importing a single PQ into that list to pick up any new caches placed.

    Thinking this would save quite a bit of time, plus allow me to view all the offline caches at once.

    I guess I'd have to keep the original PQs around in case I needed to start again in Cachly.

    Interested in thoughts.

  2. Hi, when looking at an offline list, Cachly normally centres the maps on the caches.

    But if the caches are spread around the world — so they can't all be shown at once — the default starting position on the map seems random.  Would be good if the map could start at the current location, or maybe where the most caches are.

    e.g. An imported My Finds is centered on the other side of the world from me, not my current location or where the most finds are.

  3. Thanks guys.  @Nic I'm always careful with the cloud, and GS slightly more than the others :huh:  So I'm wanting a way to backup the Personal Cache Notes I've created — whether they were created within Cachly or on the site.

    I do download PQs from within Cachly, so thanks for confirming that will backup my notes for unfound caches, as they're covered in my existing PQs.

    Sounds like I can't use the builtin My Finds PQ GPX download to backup notes for caches I've found though… I'll have to write my own PQs?

  4. Hi, I've been reluctant to use the personal cache notes on geocaching.com because there doesn't seem to be a way to back them up… but it looks like I can utilise Cachly for that :)

    If I examine a PQ or My Finds by hand, the cache note doesn't appear to be present in the file.

    But when I import a PQ or My Finds into Cachly, the note appears to be saved in the offline database.

    When importing, is Cachly making an extra query to geocaching.com to pick up the cache note?

  5. Hi, there's some bugs when changing filters:

    1. Start off with no filters
    2. Add Filter
    3. Has Cache Note=Yes
    4. Done
    5. Now tap on the new filter to edit it
    6. Change to Cache Note
    7. Leave String to match empty and Logic=contains
    8. Tap Done
    9. The list screen still shows Has Cache Note=Yes, but tapping through reveals Cache Note contains

    Maybe because an empty search string shouldn't be allowed?

    1. Start off with no filters
    2. Add Filter
    3. Cache Type
    4. Leave 2nd Type line empty
    5. Tap done
    6. An error will correctly be displayed
    7. Tap OK
    8. Tap Done a 2nd time
    9. Cachly will crash


    1. Start off with no filters
    2. Add Filter
    3. Cache Type
    4. Leave 2nd Type line empty
    5. Tap done
    6. An error will correctly be displayed
    7. Tap OK
    8. Change the 1st Type line to Cache Note
    9. The screen will now show every available test:  Yes/No, Matching, Logic, Number, etc.

    Cachly 3.0.3, iOS 10.3.3

  6. Hi, I've been experimenting with filters recently… seems like a useful & powerful feature.

    1. I don't like losing the extra screen real estate when a filter is active… maybe instead of the additional 'Showing x of y' line, it could be 'x/y' and replace the filter icon in the line above?
    2. it look me a while to find Has Cache Note… searches in other applications would instead combine this under Cache Note to be Logic=Contains, Begins with, Present, Not Present, etc.


  7. As above it's because Cachly doesn't 'save state' (where it's up to).  The more things you do while switched away from Cachly, the greater chance iOS will decide Cachly's memory is needed for something else.

    Turning off the phone will definitely do it… and not sure why you would.  Apart from the odd buggy app (cough Facebook cough), phone battery usage while asleep is minimal.  Check Settings > Battery to see the stats.

  8. In Settings > Display & Brightness > Text Size you can bump up the slider to make the street names on Apple's map more legible (both the Maps app and Apple Maps option within Cachly).  Unfortunately iOS increases the font size everywhere… I'd rather it only increased the tiny fonts.

  9. I've installed GSAK inside Virtual Box (free) as I have a Mac — it's a powerful program, but you do need a reasonable level of geekiness to use it.  It runs fine in trial mode if you want/can take that path.

    For 300 caches it's probably just as quick to do them manually, though I've found GSAK invaluable for checking the odd challenge cache.