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  1. barefootguru

    geocaching.com keeps logging me out

    For the last few weeks when running Cachly, I keep having to login to geocaching.com again. This happens maybe once every day or 2. The first time I've been logged out, Cachly usually crashes the first few launches, after which it presents the screen to login again. Cachly 6.1.4, iOS 14.0.1
  2. barefootguru

    geocaching.com keeps logging me out

    OK, thanks for the reply. There's nothing which looks like a Cachly crash log — is there a log created when the application is terminated for not responding? It happened again this morning, I think the issue is something's really slow to present the Login / Continue Offline dialog — so a lot of the time Cachly is terminated for not responding. It took 20-odd seconds this morning after the first crash. Once the dialog comes up, I click Login, then Agree — no username/password required.
  3. When planning a trip I'll be looking at a specific location, sometimes moving between Live view and a couple of different offline Lists (or View All Offline Caches). Would be great to have the specific location stick, so I don't need to keep panning and zooming when switching between maps/lists. Maybe leave Live separate, but always remember the location & zoom when switching between offline lists?
  4. barefootguru

    More details on 6.1 features

    Great to see the strong Cachly development! Is there further documentation on the features in 6.1? Couldn’t find any in Cachly or the wiki: How do you activate/use proximity alert? I presume images in personal notes are only accessible within Cachly — not stored at geocaching.com?
  5. barefootguru

    Display roads at lower zoom levels

    For journey planning along minor backroads, would be handy to have an option to keep the smaller roads showing on the map. e.g. Be able to see the roads between caches here:
  6. barefootguru

    More details on 6.1 features

    I like how the images are available in Drive, that’s handy!
  7. barefootguru

    Selecting cache from notification

    On iOS (don’t know about others), you can tap & hold a link or message, then copy & paste it.
  8. barefootguru

    Have a legend for the map

    The offline OSM has a variety of dashed line colours to mark ¿different? kinds of walking tracks (blue, brown, red…). Would like to see an easily accessible legend somewhere, maybe an entry on the new press-and-hold map popup menu.
  9. barefootguru

    Many app restarts if the app is in background

    This got much worse with iOS 13 I typically see it when I'm in Cachly, pull down the Control Centre and take a photo, then go back to Cachly — it's been killed, so I lose the tab I was on, and the list I was in. iPhone 11 Pro
  10. barefootguru

    Becoming a patron

    Cachly 5.2.6 displays patrons under the About screen. How does one become a patron, and how much is the donation? (Suggest that info is also added to the patrons screen)
  11. barefootguru

    Wrong 'Original Coordinates' when offline

    Remember cache details are now shared between lists, so if it exists in another list it'll still be an 'old' cache.
  12. barefootguru

    Request failed

    You're sure you're logging out of geocaching.com from within Cachly? Tap on …More at bottom right of screen, hit the Logout option at top right of screen. Then you can login again.
  13. barefootguru

    Filter on owner name is case sensitive?

    I’m using a filter on an offline list, Owner Text matches ‘skindo’. It picks up a different set of caches from ‘Skindo’. Same outcome for ‘contains’. Please consider a more useful and standard approach of making the search case insensitive. Cachly 5.1.4
  14. barefootguru

    Filter on owner name is case sensitive?

    Thanks for checking, that did solve my issue. And great that Cachly supports regex! A few suggestions for consideration: 1. rename Matches to Regular Expression — I can see people getting pretty confused when they expect a dot to match a dot, etc. 2. add an Exact Match option, which would perform a straight text search like I was trying to do 3. make regular expression searches case insensitive by default
  15. barefootguru

    Filter on owner name is case sensitive?

    I just tried on a 2nd device: cache 'GC397JN Xeyr cache burada yoxdur' in my offline list has an owner of 'Skindo'. If I set the filter to Owner Text Matches 'skindo' it disappears.
  16. barefootguru

    Request failed

    I thought this might be triggered by the usual annoying ¿monthly? re-login that geocaching.com requires, but the device I had to reauthorise 2 days ago just needed the same fix again.
  17. barefootguru

    Request failed

    I had the same lockout on 1 of my Cachly devices. The Bad request 400 suddenly started popping up for any online functions. Selecting Logout (of geocaching.com), and logging in again fixed it.
  18. barefootguru

    Pending Logs losing data

    FYI just struck this again in 5.0.4 (1)
  19. barefootguru

    log without date

    Sounds like you struck this bug
  20. The View Travels map for a trackable inherits the map type (offline, Apple, etc.) from the Live and Offline screens, but there’s no way to change it. So often when viewing the travels I need to switch back to the other screens, change from offline to Apple Maps for the greater coverage, then switch back to trackables map. Would be helpful, and more consistent, to add the ‘switching maps’ icon to the bottom of the trackables map.
  21. barefootguru

    Add button on trackables to switch map

    It's bugged me before, but couldn't find on the forum from a short search
  22. barefootguru

    "cachly-07-14-2018-2203.txt" is not in the correct format.

    This is the current thread if you can work out the trigger:
  23. barefootguru

    Streamlining imports

    And… is there a reason the Save Images setting shouldn't be remembered between imports (I always turn it on)?
  24. barefootguru

    Streamlining imports

    Also when creating a new list, Cachly should select it too, to save a needless step.
  25. barefootguru

    PQs now pausing in 4.3

    I'm downloading my usual weekly pocket queries in 4.3.1 & 4.3.2 and receiving 'downloading paused' for 60 seconds once or twice per PQ. Each PQ is around 800 caches. This never appeared in previous versions… is it an intentional change?