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    Constant crashing

    Yes, startup. That's why I'm thinking it was just taking longer loading an Offline PQ. Without it, Cachly is reading to go in a little over 10 seconds. With it takes about a day and a half - ok, it just felt that way, but it was over a minute. Quite a bit of data to load up. I'm quite convinced that was the deal, because once it was loaded up it ran normally. So the problem was an impatient user.
  2. Electric Water Boy

    Constant crashing

    I had an issue weeks ago that was taken care of with reinstalling. Something weird had happened in updating. I thought I had another this weekend as it was taking what seemed like forever to load up and run. But once going it ran fine. When I got home I found the issue to be an offline PQ. So I just need to remember that when using an offline PQ (or whatever it's called), that on my phone it takes a little longer to load up. Supposed to be upgrading phones sometime in the near future, so maybe that issue will go away for me.
  3. Electric Water Boy

    Is there a basic features guide?

    I was at Geowoodstock, but didn't make it to your presentation. Argh! But yes, turn it into something we can use and get it to us. We'll spread the word!
  4. Electric Water Boy

    Is there a basic features guide?

    I would love you to go one step further - make a PowerPoint demonstration to be used by those of us who would like to have events where we show what Cachly can do. EWB - Tom