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  1. !redstag

    Photo in Message just a Black box

    Hi Nic, I have checked the rights for cachy in Settings/cachly , please see screen shot - notice it says "Add Photos Only" the only other option is "Never" Hope this helps Rick
  2. !redstag

    Photo in Message just a Black box

    I have just tried to add a photo using "Choose From Library" But when the photo screen is displayed the photo is just a black square, please see uploaded picture. If I use the "Take Photo" option the picture is displayed as expected. Just to let you know I am running IOS 13.1 on an iphone XS
  3. !redstag

    Log trackable error - "Failed to Log Trackable"

    Yes all good now: ) Thanks Nic
  4. Have a problem with logging trackables. After entering the tracking code and setting log type (Discovered it ) and typing a message after sliding the button to "Send Log Now" then clicking on "Send Now" I get an error that says " Error, Failed to log trackable. I have tried logging out of geocaching.com and in again, and my normal geocache logging works fine. Help Rick
  5. !redstag

    Merging PQ's

    Hi Is there a way of merging all the downloaded pocket queries onto a single map, and maybe export them as a single GPX file? Many thanks Rick