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  1. stucuk

    Offline maps in the UK

    Hi Nick, Thanks for the prompt reply and will look forward to the vector maps. Be interested to see where you get with Ordnance Survey but I will say one thing, you get that sorted and I guarantee you WILL crack the UK market!! Regards, Stucuk.
  2. stucuk

    Offline maps in the UK

    Hi, The main feature that got me started with Cachly was the fact it uses the Open Maps because the new Geocaching app does not and, to be honest, here in the UK Apple and Google maps and virtually all the other US based ones are useless in the countryside in the UK. Although I do appreciate there isn't much choice here as the de facto standard is Ordnance Survey. The offline maps are okay from MapQuest but some of the paths are missing in the UK. So would it be possible to choose which source is used for the offline maps in order that we can choose Open Maps, either Open Street or Open Cycle? Also is it possible to look at Ordnance Survey as a possibility? Great app, thanks very much. Stucuk.