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  1. The A-Team

    Images won't download for offline lists

    Just to confirm, the image downloads now work correctly with the latest update that includes your fix. Thanks!
  2. It used to be that when I exported caches from GSAK and then imported them to Cachly offline lists, the images associated with the caches and logs would download as expected. However, for the last many months, this no longer works. As an example, I've exported a GPX file of my hides from GSAK. I made sure in GSAK that the images attached to the listings are part of the data (I've done an API refresh of the caches). When I import that GPX file to an offline list in Cachly and tell it to save images, none are downloaded. The "Downloads" section in the app doesn't show any downloads occurring after the import. When I look up a cache from the offline list that I know has images, there are placeholders for all of the images with the title, but they're all just grey because the images themselves weren't downloaded. I had previously tried removing and reinstalling the app, but this didn't change anything. I'd really like to get this working again, because it would be handy to have access to images while caching out of cell range. Do you have any suggestions I can try? I can provide example GPX files if that would help. Thanks