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    AlphaSteff reacted to batteur in Logging for multiple users at once?   
    I’d like to log for my family at once.
    Maybe similar to Looking4Cache: logging into the app with multiple accounts at the same time, and choosing which ones are “on” by default.
    The use case: logging for children that have their own accounts but can’t log themselves yet.
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    AlphaSteff reacted to Nic Hubbard in Finished Lab Cache with Smiley   
    This is a limitation of the geocaching.com API, which will be fixed in the future.
    Currently, you can long press on the AL cache and choose to set as found.
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    AlphaSteff reacted to IVAPER in Owner nick   
    Hi Nic,
    in the update is possible to apear the owner name when is cliqued the cache?

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    AlphaSteff reacted to burgo78 in Trackable set to always visit   
    Is it possible to set a trackable to visiting (for every log) by default?
    For example a person with a personal trackable code tattoo or key ring so it visits each cache (found, write note, owner maintenance, the lot) by default.
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    AlphaSteff reacted to Nic Hubbard in Trackable set to always visit   
    No, this isn't currently a feature of Cachly, but it has been requested, so we are still considering it for a future release.
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    AlphaSteff reacted to Nic Hubbard in Trackable template not working as expected   
    This is a bug and will be fixed in 7.0.1. That keyword picker should only be showing trackable keywords.