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  1. iOS 15, Cachly 7.0.5 (1), map date 6.9.2021 Finnish offline maps lack the higher zoom level data in a number of areas including the capital region. The issue is very easily visible in downtown Helsinki, where the southern tip of the city and some outlying islands show paths and buildings, while the entire downtown area just has the railway lines and a few main theoughfares. Deleting the app and/or redownloading the map data does nothing. I tried reporting this via the app previously, not sure if that email ever got sent as I got distracted…
  2. I had some hundreds of caches downloaded maybe 300 km apart from each other and clear map on refresh turned off. If I go scroll map to a new area using a reasonable zoom for navigation (e.g. scale goes up to 750 meters) and tap the load caches button, the map zooms out far enough to show all caches Cachly currently has loaded (which for me results in a zoom level where the scale goes to 100km). This forces me to find the location I was interested in all over again. The same happens if I type in a GC code in the search. As a separate issue, when the cache found by a GC code is grouped with other caches in this zoomed out view, it doesn’t get selected (that is, the details pop up doesn’t show). This makes it very hard to actually find the cache that I just searched for.
  3. Thank you for your work. I just downloaded the updated app. Unfortunately, I think something is still amiss. 1) If I follow the exact same steps as above, I no longer get thrown to Australia in the final step. However, if I now swipe from left twice to return to live map, I find myself off the coast of Ghana, usually at the largest zoom level but sometimes the app quickly scrolls the map back to my real location. The exact behaviour seems to depend on the which map you start with and which you switch to in the navigation view. Going from Apple maps to Google seems to reliably get stuck in the atlantic. 2). When starting from a custom map source and repeating the steps above, the app seems to keep track of location but gets confused about which maps to show. So, If I'm on a custom map source in live map; open a cache and tap the compass icon; switch map source (to Apple or Google, doesn't seem to matter); and finally swipe back twice to live map I don't get thrown to Ghana, but rather I'm shown tiles from the custom map source even though I had selected Apple while in the navigation map. The map source menu keeps claiming Apple is selected. Going to navigation map from this state switches the map tiles automatically back to Apple.
  4. Is there any progress on this? The way this triggers for me is when I switch to Apple Maps (or really any map provider other than Google), then open a cache and click the compass icon, which returns me to the map with a red line pointing to the cache. From this state, switching to any Google map throws me to Australia 100% of the time.
  5. mustakorppi

    Import GPX file

    I experienced the same symptom described by ferda-mravenec when rying to import a GPX file from Files, and found this thread when googling about it. For me the solution was to actually download the file to the phone first from iCloud, before copying it to Cachly. That is to say, when I ran into this problem, I had downloaded a GPX to my computer and transferred it to my phone by uploading it to iCloud. When done like this, the file appears on the phone's Files app, but it has a little cloud icon on the upper right corner indicating it's not stored locally on the phone. Trying to copy a file to Cachly from this state gets me the infinite Processing wheel every time. If in I tap Download first in Files and then copy it to Cachly, that works like a charm. Not sure if there's anything Cachly could do in that scenario except fail gracefully, but I hope this helps some future googlers, and I guess following these steps might help let you debug what the app is trying to do when it gets stuck in in processing a GPX file.