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  1. The only thing I like about the official app is that it shows new caches automatically when I move the map. I would like to see this feature in Cachly too (there could be an option in Settings to turn it off if a user still wants to update the map manually)
  2. bearpanda

    Automatically update caches on a map

    I just realized - c:geo on Android uses this feature too even though it's not an official app. How could they implement it if it's not available for partner apps?
  3. bearpanda

    Wherigo player

    I know about that. But it would still be nice to be able to have as much functions as possible in one great working and great looking Cachly app, without the need of downloading other apps.
  4. bearpanda

    Wherigo player

    There are many wherigos in my country (Czechia) and people are still creating new ones. With the official Wherigo app missing from the App Store right now I don't have any chance of playing these. I think playing wherigos in Cachly would be much better experience