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  1. Mister Doctor

    Find User caches not visible in Map View

    Thanks Nic! I did have fit to map turned off. With it on the caches appear as expected. I do like to have that option off though if I’m zoomed in on an area and want to see what’s there. It’s a bit of a pain if the display zooms out when I refresh the caches.
  2. Mister Doctor

    Waypoints not saving

    This was for live caches
  3. Mister Doctor

    Waypoints not saving

    I’ve updated to 5.1.2. I think the issue is the same. I do see all my saved waypoints on start up, but if I add a new one it is initially there with the rest but they all disappear if I leave that cache and return. If I quit out of the app and restart it all the waypoints are back again, including my newly added ones...
  4. Mister Doctor

    Find User caches not visible in Map View

    Aha - When I keep zooming out it looks like the default location is the North Pole! I can rotate the Earth to find the caches and zoom back in.
  5. Mister Doctor

    Find User caches not visible in Map View

    Here’s what I see for jimbo_80, but it happens with other users too
  6. Mister Doctor

    Can’t email support

    Version 5.1.1 I read that if I use the email support option it includes a debug list. I typed an email (regarding waypoints not saving and not seeing Find User caches in Map View) and could see the debug list. However, the send email option was greyed out and I was forced to cancel and delete the email. I posted two posts to the support forum instead (now three posts).
  7. Mister Doctor

    Find User caches not visible in Map View

    Version 5.1.1 When I use the Find User option I get the profile of a user just fine. However, when I select their Hides it comes up with a blank map (or rather a black screen with a light grey vertical streak in the centre). I can select the List tab and see the cache names, but not the mapped version.
  8. Mister Doctor

    Waypoints not saving

    Version 5.1.1 When I create a waypoint and save it, I see it initially in my user list of waypoints and the number of waypoints listed for the cache page also increases. However, if I exit the cache and return the waypoint is gone (and the waypoint count has returned to the original number).