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  1. I too am just switching from L4C to Cachly ... the semi-transparent overlaid compass is one of the L4C features I miss most - it can be large or small by tapping. It also displays the distance from gz. Being able to watch the map but see direction and distance from gz all at same time is really useful. The tiny compass that Nic mentioned only shows when the map is in direction of travel and is too small to see from arms length. Also doesn’t show distance from gz.
  2. APPLE's GPS ACCURACY / PERFORMANCE for iPhone 7 onwards is considerably worse than for the iPhone 6 ... my story might appear off track for this thread, but I suspect it is related and could well be the real reason for accuracy problems rather than 'compass calibration' per say ... this tale is not a problem with Cachly, but an iPhone issue. In July 2017 after 'upgrading' from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 Plus I noticed difficulty in homing in on some caches, trouble was being hundreds of miles from home immediately after changing the phone I couldn't be sure if the area had a 'weak' signal. Over time I was still having problems and also noticed instead of seeing the +/-5M satellite accuracy I was used to with my old iPhone 6, for the 7+ it never went below +/-8M and was very variable. Some months later out with a friend and his iPhone 6, he was laughing at me on & off all day saying I had lost the caching plot these days and why was I looking over there when the cache was here! Sometimes I was up 20/30M out!! Whilst outdoors and using the Apple or Google Map App, my iPhone 7+ 'blue dot' would wander far & wide maybe 100M up the road & back - the pulsating circle around the blue dot would fluctuate wildly, increasing & decreasing in diameter. In direct comparison, the blue dot for my old iPhone 6 remained very stable at the current location, with only a small diameter pulsating circle indicating good stable satellite accuracy. Eventfully I contacted Apple and initially experienced the anticipated wall of silence, but after a few calls, by chance, I was through to a more senior team member who took interest. He spoke to Apple's engineering team and had me carry out all manner of tests whilst noting data, later installing tracking software on my phone (I'm very trusting!). Nothing came back as a "real" reason for the change in GPS performance, but eventually they offered to replace the handset despite mine being well out of warranty by then. Initially the replacement phone didn't perform any better, still showing +/-8M satellite accuracy at best, but over time accuracy could settle to +/-6M or very occasionally/briefly to +/-4M. The blue dot/accuracy circle was also a little more stable than for the original 7+ handset, but absolutely nothing like as stable as the trusty iPhone 6! I had a good rapport with the Apple guy and even persuaded him to install a GPS Accuracy App on his own iPhone X ... his X also never showed better than 8M satellite accuracy and the blue dot not very stable!! I gave up at that point and these days take my iPhone 6 and/or Garmin Montana as backup on important caching trips, just in case. I suppose the positive that came out was me still finding caches despite my iPhone7+ rather than with it!! The poorer performing iPhone7+ has perhaps made me a better cacher? Mmmmm, maybe! Seems to me that Apple changed either the GPS chip, or way they handle the information, after iPhone 6 ... so I have little confidence that any models 7 onwards will ever be as good as the 6 and earlier (my son's iPhone 5 GPS performs same as my iPhone 6). Real shame and crazy why Apple would deliberately dumb down the GPS performance. Hopefully at some point they will rethink their design and go back to the previous good GPS performance. So, draw your own conclusion whether "compass calibration" or other system is needed, or whether Apple should restore iPhone's to their previously good general GPS performance.
  3. Nic ... what do you mean by: "... it will show the accuracy in the location callout". In "navigate to" map view I can see the cache title at top-left of the screen with distance from my present location at top-right - can't see where the gps accuracy is displayed though, except if you switch to the compass screen. Or is this what you meant?
  4. Nic, I meant the wp’s associated with the one cache, not other caches. Just looking further ... yes, I can now see the cache’s associated wp’s do show on the map - provided first you open the cache details screen of the one you are interested in, then tap ‘navigate to’. A lot of steps tbh compared with L4C, where you just tap the cache icon on the map to display the wp’s. When you tap the cache icon on the L4C map, the pop up window is similar to Cachly BUT also has the ‘navigate to’ symbol, which you tap and you are quickly on your way. This applies to main published icon or any of its waypoints. Again this cuts out the extra Cachly steps, speeding up the process for the user.
  5. I'm a new to Cachly, recently coming from L4C Pro ... I seriously miss the option in map view to have the choice of showing: No compass, a small compass or a large compass (latter useful when driving). Screen shots attached show the three options in L4C ... please Cachly make this feature a priority as not having to switch screens to show compass & map is pretty fundamental. Thanks.
  6. Recently came from Looking4Cache Pro so am a new'ish user of Cachly, being particularly drawn to change by the excellant mapping in v5 ... but a few features from L4C would make Cachly so much better. At present on the map you cannot display the waypoints associated with a cache, so for a multi or parking & trail access points it's a real bind having to visit several screens. In L4C the wp's are hidden until you tap on a cache icon, then any it has are displayed without hiding any other caches. You can then immediately tap on the wp you want to navigate to and job is done. Also allows the user to see where all the wp's are located in relation to the published cache co-ords. L4C user created wp's have slightly different icon than those created by the cache owner. To hide the wp's for that cache, just have to tap the screen away from it.
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