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  1. It would be great if you could easily filter hidden month caches in one filter. Say I wanted to see all caches hidden in 2001 in January (not a specific day). I would create 1 filter to see all caches hidden on Jan 2001 (without specifying a specific day). I know you can get around this by creating 2 filters. One for any cache hidden on or after 01/01/2001, and another filter for everything on or before 31/01/2001. The second process may be challenging for others to figure out. Might be cool to name the new filter “Jasmer (Month & Year)”. This request would be helpful to those working on their Jasmer grids. Thanks, Chris
  2. I would find it resourceful if you could filter cache lists for a certain day and month. In project-gc you can create lists for caches hidden on a certain date (month and day; not year). Therefore after finding a Jan 01 cache. It would be helpful to be able to show all caches hidden on 01/01 so they could be deleted from the list. After disabling the filter only remaining dates for fill in would be left. Thanks! Chris
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