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    Pocket Queries

    I (and another cacher I know who uses cach.ly) are confident this didn't used to be be like this - but I don't think it was part of an update so who knows how were were thinking it worked before.. The available vs offline list is confusing. It's not obvious that clicking an available one makes it offline, then you have to hit 'offline' then re-click your pq to view it. I kinda see the logic of re-downloading them. But can't figure out why you show every time I've downloaded a pq. My offline list looks like PQ A PQ A PQ B PQ A PQ C PQ C PQ C PQ C PQ A PQ A I understand I can delete them - but it's just not that fluid to use If there was one list, only show the caret on the right if it's already downloaded - clicking the caret takes you to the list. Clicking the name re-downloads the pq. Un-downloaded pqs have no caret, and clicking anywhere downloads them and adds the caret. --- or, clicking a pq (offline or not) takes you to a list of the caches - if it's not offline it downloads the pq and gives you a spinner while you wait (you can go back to the pq list while you wait). While looking at the map, there's a refresh button to re-dl the pq, and the list view lets you pull-down to reload (like mail does in ios). Maybe a setting to have you auto-download a pq if it's out of date. I will say that having the actual cache count for the pq instead of the number of caches you've limited the pq to is a huge improvement over the way groundspeak does the pq lists cache counts
  2. Hopefully you can confirm this before someone else logs the cache and maybe messes up reproducing it. If you view cache GC69DM6: You'll see that it was published, I found it, then it was published again (not sure why). Viewing the description page in cach.ly, it just shows one green dot. It's possible that the log type dots are cached and just not updating for me since I opened the cache before - not 100% sure
  3. cache  register

    Two Issues

    It had something to do with having an image in my clipboard and trying to paste (which didn't work), then I copied text, but pasting was still making it think I was trying to insert an image or something. btw: Going to an event cache with ~10 people, I'll be sure to show off cachly
  4. cache  register

    Two Issues

  5. cache  register

    Two Issues

    Hmm, getting "you're not allowed to use that image extension" message
  6. cache  register

    Two Issues

    -Sorry, I'd put these as different topics, but the timeout to post again is too long Can't view encrypted logs The unencrypted part (between the [ ]) is completely missing, and the encrypted part can't be decrypted. Both of the geocaching apps (free and $10) just show the whole thing unencrypted. Either that, or clicking the text decrypting the log would be great! Location centering button zooms out If you're zoomed all the way in on the map (navigating to a cache, or the whole map), hitting the 'my location' button at the bottom right corner of the map zooms you out.
  7. cache  register

    Friends cache info

    I can't really think of anything better to put there Just didn't know if there was some geocachey thing I was missing If clicking "123 finds" took me to my logs - I'd rather have "My Info" there so I can quickly see my cache count instead of more > settings > logged in as Seeing my logs is pretty nice when I'm trying to open back up a cache I'm telling coworkers about!
  8. cache  register

    Friends cache info

    To add to this - if viewing a friend and hitting "123 finds" took you to their logs (not sure if geocaching live has that call) you could get rid of the logs tab and replace it with a friends tab and have yourself at the top of the list of friends. Is there a reasoning behind having your own logs as a main navigation tab?
  9. cache  register

    Friends cache info

    When I'm viewing a friend, they have the 4 buttons. I wish clicking the buttons opened lists of whatever it was More > Friends > MyFriend123 > 5757 finds would open a list of his logs 23 hides would open his hides on the map, or a list 50 favorites would show his list of favorites 2 trackables would show trackables maybe even clicking a trackable from the list would show it's history - but that's not really important to me compared to the 'show finds' thing above.
  10. cache  register

    More info when viewing cache pop-up on map

    I just figured out the pips when you open a cache on the 'view logs' button show the last 5 log types - something just like that would be fantastic for on the map pop-up.
  11. - Days/months since last find ex: Last found: Never Last found: Yesterday Last found: 4 days ago Last found: 18 months ago - Number of favorites - % favorites (favorites / number premium finds) - Distance - Last log type (DNF, find, needs maintenance, etc) Even if these were super abbreviated to where I had to look up what it meant the last 10 times I'd be super happy to have this info LF: 4d Fav:8/10% 2.1m <- one I would try to get LF: 2m Fav:0/0% 2.1m <- one I would probably skip