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  1. 2 hours ago, Jello Jeep said:

    Is there a way to use the watch as stand alone?

    Yes, the watch app uses GPS/Location services from your watch, it it has GPS. Is yours at least a Series 3 watch?

    2 hours ago, Jello Jeep said:

    Using Ipad in car noticed "course up" function changes every time I manually reorient the map, or go back to the description or compass. I ALWAYS want to use it in course up. Is there a way to lock that on ? I must hit that little button a hundred times a day if I am out LOL.. Frustrating...

    There isn't a way to lock this mode, but it has been a requested feature. What map are you using? Going to the compass or descriptions should not take you out of this mode.

    2 hours ago, Jello Jeep said:

    Seems as if when the maps app is open, the course up function fails in cachly..   Seems as if closing the maps app (running in background) fixed the issue... Just letting you know..

    I wasn't able to replicate this. Let me know what map type you are using so I can try and replicate that on my devices.

  2. 7 minutes ago, LSbatman said:

    I cannot say exactly when the problem started occuring because I have been manually correcting the calendar entries. 

    I have been able to replicate the issue in an offline list. Can you confirm that it works correctly if you search for GC8YQDQ in Live, but that viewing it in an offline list is where the problem is?

  3. 7 minutes ago, LSbatman said:

    This also is not a new problem but has been around for at least a few weeks. 

    Was it working correctly before this time? Nothing has changed in Cachly with regards to the end time since 6.0 was first released. 

  4. On 8/14/2020 at 8:17 PM, kittyshrink said:

    And if I'm only using Cachly on one device (I only have 1 Apple device), exactly what would it be syncing with?

    This is synching the highlight database with the Cachly SQL database.

    Can you try turning on iCloud? This feature is meant to work with iCloud, and although it does work offline from that there might be unexpected behavior without it.

  5. Are you making sure you wait long enough for Cachly to send the update to geocaching.com? Meaning, if you delete the note, then return to the details screen and update the cache quickly, it is likely that the note had not been updated yet on geocaching.com, so you would get the note before the update.

    Also, can you let me know why you are quickly updating the cache after clearing the note? It wouldn't require an update to the cache, so just wanted to check if you were needing to do that for another reason.

  6. 1 minute ago, C3GPS said:

    Not sure if it's useful or not but one macro in GSAK was just made faster due to what the author said was a recent API change. Apparently it allowed him to check status on caches in batches of 100 instead of 50.

    In Settings in Cachly you can change how many caches load, and you could set that to 100. In this case it would likely solve your issue, although I still think it is a deeper API issue as it shouldn't be happening.

  7. 17 minutes ago, C3GPS said:

    Interesting. That did show the cache upon a second refresh. Any moving or zooming and then refresh again will remove the cache but another second refresh shows it.

    So, for whatever reason, the API is loading that cache in 51-100, rather than 1-50. I am not sure why, as I can't replicate it on my account. I will let the HQ developers know about the issue.

  8. If you load caches in that area, can you tap the load button a second time (without moving the map) to load more caches in that area? Does it show the cache? 

    In testing, this seemed to show the cache for me, while the first load didn't. It seems to be an API bug, as caches with corrected coordinates should be found at their corrected locations when searching.