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    Multi-Cache Experience / Trackables

    I am using Cachly some weeks and I have some feature request. At the moment I am not using cachly for multi caches. Why? 1. Starting the navigation in cachly, the app shows just the actual cache on the map. It would be very helpful if Cachly would show the other caches around, too. When doing a multi-cache sometimes there are some other caches (traditionals or solves mysteries) on the way you can log in the meantime. So you don`t miss a cache and don't have to come back. 2. It would be very helpful to have an additional waypoint button on the map, because at the moment you always have to switch back in the cache view and to waypoints and after you created the waypoint you have to navigate back to the map. That is too complicated and is frustrating. 3. For multi-caches it is helpul to have an projection feature. In many cases you have to go for xxx meters in xxx degrees. 4. There should be an option of "automatic log" of trackables in the preferences menu. I want to log all my trackables as "visit" in each cache. At the moment I have to do this manually. Thanks
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    When navigating to a geocache would it be possible to still see the other geocache's on the map and not just the geocache which is selected. Often when geocaching I target a geocache that can be some distance away from other geocache's on the route and it would be helpful to see any other geocache's that are passed.