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  1. JoenGPS

    Downloading offline maps

    To get corrected coords from someone else have the cacher with the corrected coords do a PQ of those caches. Email you the PQ, create a list and import into cachly!
  2. JoenGPS

    Template error

    This was the first time I added templates and choose one other than the original. It worked fine when I only had one template. As seen in the picture the one I wanted was still checked after uploading the drafts. But most of the logs were the template underneath. The caches were in an offline PQ that I was using.
  3. JoenGPS

    Template error

    I did a series of caches yesterday and applied (checkmark) a text template I created the night before (before logging a find. I have three templates made up in the list. I insured the checkmark was by the appropriate one before selecting "Log this cache". I have "save as draft" checked toggled on. It seemed to work but as I logged other caches the template jumped to another one I had created previously. I even went into the message field and changed it back before saving the "found log". I uploaded the 40 caches later (drafts) and almost all had the wrong template applied. After uploading I went back to check settings/text template and the proper template was still checked. I currently only have 3 templates, all short. Cachly 4.2 (5) IOS 10.2.1 iPhone 6 Premium member.
  4. JoenGPS

    Seeing our own log or date on past caches

    Thank you.... I don't know how I missed that ...... GREAT!! Thank you for the speedy answer.
  5. Would it be possible to see the date or log of my find when viewing a cache from within the app? I cache frequently with other cachers and have already logged a find in a lot of cases. When revisiting I would like to know when I found it (been caching since 2005) lol. Yesterday was my first day using Cachly 100%. I am a long time Geosphere transplant. I liked what I saw!!! Looking forward to learning more.
  6. JoenGPS

    Default Map

    Is there a way to select a default map when navigating to a cache to eliminate a step?