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  1. 4cycle

    3D on Premium Maps

    Thanks for the quick reply. Of course that technique is the only method I did not try. Yes that works. Cache On 4cycle
  2. 4cycle

    3D on Premium Maps

    How do you view 3D in the Premium maps? I’ve tried everything I can think of to get map to view 3D buildings. Any help is appreciated 4cycle Cache On
  3. 4cycle

    Add log types for Templates

    Can you add LOG types “Disable” and “Enable” to the template log type lists?
  4. 4cycle

    Log Text

    Great to hear. Thanks.
  5. 4cycle

    Log Text

    Awesome. Thanks for all your efforts.
  6. 4cycle

    Log Text

    I use the "Log Text" for my Found logs signature. I have a different signature for DNF logs. It would be great if we had a different "Log Text" of each type of log, especially Found & DNF. When you select log type Found, log text "A" would be added to the log. If you select DNF, log text "B" would be added to the log. Thanks for your consideration.