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  1. Highlands_guy

    Is there an easy way to share a cache via Airdrop

    Thank Nick. I tried it and it works great! Shared by airdrop, text message and e-mail. Question: When sharing a cache with corrected coordinates (and i send private data), is there any way the person receiving the GPX file into Cachly can tell it has corrected coordinates? Thanks again. (PS: I'm really looking forward to Sunday, the 24th)
  2. We were trying to Airdrop a single cache tonight and couldn't figure out how to do it. I was on the receiving end and it seemed to come in as a text file.It was sent as a text file. This is the content of the text file: Checkout geocache "ROCK-ET - HAG XV" (GC80PC0) #geocaching #cachly http://coord.info/GC80PC0 I ended up putting it into Dropbox, opening the text file, copying the GC code and pasting it into Cachly. Is there an easier way to send a single cache? Thanks.
  3. I just noticed an issue when logging trackable visits as part of a cache log. It looks like the date the trackable is logged is the date that I sent the cache log, not the date that I have selected as the cache log date. Example, tonight I was submitting a log of a cache I found yesterday. I started my cache log yesterday and tonight I finished writing up the log, selected a trackable and set the log type as visited and submitted the cache log. The cache log is correctly dated as yesterday, but the trackable log is set as today. Is this normal? A bug in the system? Thanks.
  4. Highlands_guy

    How can I see both caches with the same coordinates?

    Thanks. I'm sure there are many other things of higher priority/use. This is a bit of an anomaly that a typical user would not run into.
  5. I have an offline list of archived caches. I refer to it from time to time when trying to find a cache and if I remember an old one was in the same spot. I came across a situation where 2 archived caches had the same coordinates. I could only see one of them on the map. I couldn't figure out a way to see both of them. I went to list view, but only one was obvious. The 2 caches were GC7YFY6 and GC5VRY1 I finally copied all "Visible" caches to a new list, them was able to see both of them in list view. Is there another way too see both caches? Thanks
  6. I downloaded some offline lists, but note that some logs are duplicated but without a user name. Here's what I did: I created some lists on Project-GC. I then uploaded them to a list on Geocaching.com. On Cachly I opened the on-line list I just uploaded from Project-GC, then saved to a new off-line list (full data). I then opened the offline list and refreshed the data (full data). When I open a cache from this offline list, I notice that many logs are duplicated. The duplicates typically don't have a cachers name above it, but has the same date and log text. I then do a "Pull down" refresh on that one cache from the main detail screen of the cache and the duplicate logs are all gone. I would have thought that doing a full refresh on the list would have done the same thing. Here's a picture showing the before/after look of the log files.
  7. Highlands_guy

    Text templates, log not using selected one

    I have a friend that uses several text templates, but when he selects one and tries to log a cache, it doesn't use the one he selected. It uses another one he had selected previously. I tried shutting down the app and restarting, but that's all I've tried at this time. Thanks,
  8. Highlands_guy

    Is there a way to tell if an iPhone is receiving GPS data?

    That looks like a very intuitive indicator. Having it on the compass screen is not a bad idea, as it's of most concern when navigating to a cache. Even if it was also in the corner of the map while navigating would be nice. An indicator is probably not needed on the map when not navigating as it would add clutter and block map detail.
  9. Highlands_guy

    Is there a way to tell if an iPhone is receiving GPS data?

    Thanks Nick. I suspect this is a software issue on the phone and is more widespread than just my phone as I've experienced it on 2 phones. There may be some value in having a GPS signal health indicator in Cachly. Some apps use a satellite dish icon to show good GPS signal (with a slash through the icon when poor/no GPS).
  10. I have an iPhone 6s and have had random problems of it not showing my correct position on a map. Sometimes it's 50-100 meters off, sometimes several Kilometers off. I downloaded a 3rd party app (GPSdiagnostics) to show me the GPS signal strength. In each case where my position was off, the GPSdiagnostics app showed the phone was not receiving GPS data and was only getting position from cellular/WiFi data.. I opened several cases with Apple. In each case, the item that resolved the issue was a full factory reset of the phone and restoring from back up (which is a pain). Apple finally replaced the phone about 3-months ago. The new phone worked well until 2-days ago. Again, it was not receiving GPS data. Another call to Apple. It was identified that i was 1 OS version behind (I was at 11.4 and 11.4.1 was out). I did the OS update and the GPS started working again. I expect it will be happen again. One thing I found with Apple support, as soon as I mention I'm using a 3rd party app for my position (like Cachly, Google maps etc.), they try to shift the blame to the 3rd party app, so I only reference the issue is happening with the native Apple "Maps" app. What I was looking for was some Apple native app or test that would show me the GPS signal level that the phone is receiving that I could use when talking to Apple about this issue. Does anyone know of any Apple app or test to show the GPS signal strength on an iPhone 6s? FYI: Here's what the GPSdiagnostics app shows me when the GPS is working: Thanks
  11. Highlands_guy

    Change filter Icon to RED when active

    My suggestion is to change the "Filter" Icon to be a sold red color when the filter is active instead of the solid white. Keep it as a white outline when not active. I think this would give a better contrast and more likely to be noticed. Thanks for a great product!
  12. Highlands_guy

    Coordinate projection when off line (no cell coverage)

    Thanks. That was probably it. I was near the Canada US boarder and my phone was seeing the US cell system. I have roaming turned off, so not to get any data charges. I'll try again with airplane mode on. Thanks again.
  13. I did a search, but didn't find an answer on this. I was out of cell coverage on the weekend and tried to do a coordinate projection on Cachly but it came back with an error that indicated I had to have internet connection. This was also the case when I tried to enter coordinates for the second stage of a multi-cache. Is there a way to do projections or add coordinates when outside of cell coverage? Thanks.
  14. Highlands_guy

    Corrected Cords

    Only if it is a selectable feature to give the user the option to switch all corrected cords back to original or leave all caches with corrected cords at the corrected location. If it's not selectabe, I prefer it the way it is now. No change.
  15. Highlands_guy

    Corrected Cords

    Thanks. Often there is more to the story. It may be that the user is restoring the coordinates to the original value once he logged it as found. If you do add this as a feature, I would like to see it as a selectable option so the user can choose to show the icon at the corrected coordinates (my preference).