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  1. LSbatman

    Add Image via Edit Log

    Well, now I cannot repeat the problem. But I really did encounter it multiple times before reporting it. I wanted to make sure i could duplicate it. So please consider the problem closed. If I ever encounter it again, I will do a screen shot.
  2. LSbatman

    Add Image via Edit Log

    Cachly is not list under Privacy-Photos in both the iPhone and iPad. But Cachly is accessing Photos on the iPad.
  3. LSbatman

    Add Image via Edit Log

    I found that the problem is only on my iPhone. I can add images using the iPad.
  4. LSbatman

    Add Image via Edit Log

    I tried to add an image to an existing log and had a problem. Selected Logs from bottom of screen. Selected ... by applicable log Selected Add Images Selected Choose From Library Got message “No Photos or Videos” What am I doing wrong?
  5. LSbatman

    Create offline list of highlighted caches

    I understand that there is currently no way to export the list from Cachly. But if it ever becomes available, then I can identify which of the caches should not be highlighted using GSAK, export that back to Cachly as a full GPX file and then turn off the highlight.
  6. LSbatman

    Create offline list of highlighted caches

    Unfortunately, I don't know the specific areas in question anymore. We have used Cachly for trip planning across the United States. I only noticed it becoming a problem when planning an upcoming second trip to New England and some undesired caches started popping up with highlights. They must have been unfound targets from the last trip. Is it possible to get a list of GC codes as a data file (GPX or CSV)? I could probably manipulate that some way to import into GSAK and massage the data there.
  7. Somehow, I now have nearly 3,000 caches highlighted and I need to clean that list up without doing a "Remove All Highlights". I would like the ability to create an offline list of all my highlighted caches so I can review them and edit as necessary.
  8. LSbatman

    Who is using "Logs"?

    Oh well. Logs is still a great option. Thanks.
  9. LSbatman

    Who is using "Logs"?

    I used the "Logs" feature on a recent caching road trip to review my posted logs and found it very helpful. In several cases, I edited the log or added a photo. One thing that would be nice to have is an indication whether a favorite was awarded by me and an option to add one.
  10. LSbatman

    Export to a Bookmark List

    I don't know anyting about API rules or software but I ran a test on GSAK putting caches into a list. It put 979 caches into a list in 4.5 seconds. That seems pretty fast doing it one cache at a time.
  11. LSbatman

    Export to a Bookmark List

    Is it possible to export a group of caches from an offline list directly to a geocaching.com list? My current method is to export a GPX and then use GSAK to load it on a geocaching.com list.
  12. LSbatman

    Filter Refresh

    While on a long road trip and caching offline, I created a filter based on Distance with a limit of 20 miles. When I drove out of the 20 mile range, I wanted to refresh the filter and could not find an easy way to do it. I finally resorted to turning off the filter, returning to the map, returning to the filter settings, and enabling it again. Is there an easier way that I am overlooking?
  13. LSbatman

    Offline Lists Gone

    This is just a good news update. After installing version 3.1(2) and caching for 14 continuous days with offline data, I had no further problems with lost databases.
  14. LSbatman

    Offline List Deletion Paused

    I started the deletion of an offline list with 5,200 caches. Since it looked like it would take awhile, I set the phone down to do other things. When I returned to the phone and opened the screen, which automatically closes after a period of disuse, I saw that the deletion was not done and appeared to resume from when the screen closed. Is this normal behavior?
  15. LSbatman

    Navigate to Cache: Distance

    In the "Navigate to Cache" mode, the distance is displayed at the top of the map. When I cache offline, I use this mode while driving the car with the phone sitting in a dashboard cradle. I like to view the distance but the font is too small to read while driving. Is it possible to increase the font size? Also, is it possible to automatically adjust the map scale as one gets closer to the cache, showing both your location and GZ?