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  1. Hi,
    yesterday I had a conversation with a befriended owner and complained to him that the checker promised in his listing is missing. It turned out that there is a checker, the official one from Geocaching.com. When I remarked that you can't see it in any app he said, c:geo can do that. Did they use any dirty tricks, or is it something that could be integrated into Cachly too?


  2. Still the same:
    while online...

    • pick a new mystery cache I never touched and put it on an offline list
    • add corrected coordinates
    • update my offline list so my cahe info stored offline is up to date
      -> everything is fine

    close Cachly, go offline, start Cachly again...

    • go back to my test list
    • select my test cache
      -> original coordinates show the corrected coordinates

    I attached three screenshots:

    • main page of the cache showing the corrected coordinates
    • cache waypoints page showing the original coordinates as they should be
    • cache waypoints page showing the corrected coordinates instead of the original ones

    Just did this using Cachly 5.2.9


  3. @Team DEMP: I completely agree on 'no magic background process', they are dangerous. But there is surely a possibility for a solution with has to be triggered consciously and might even inform you 'x Caches will be added/deleted here and there'.

    @Nic Hubbard: It's right that by tapping + I am back at my former workflow which wasn't nice before and got even longer now.

    I will be patient and wait and see what the future holds :-)

  4. Hi,

    since the day I discovered Cachly I love it, but since the first day I have one problem with Cachly. Keeping my offline and online lists (and PQs in sync). The way it is handled by the official app works perfect for me. You prefer to strictly separate online lists and offline lists, I understand this. But am I the only user who works with both and needs to keep them synced?

    Example/problem 1 - Online/Offline list:
    I start a new list at my computer at home. Then I download it to my phone and continue adding caches and if I'm not careful, I end up with new caches on both lists some of them online and others offline.

    Example/problem 2 - PQs:
    I have several PQs covering my home town that run 2 times a week listing all caches that I didn't find. So far my workflow to update my offline copies was:

    • Go to PQs
    • Download new PQs
    • Go to offline lists
    • Sort all lists by title
    • Go through all lists and delete the duplicate lists

    This was not a nice workflow but in a recent update it got even worse (for me :), others might like it). Now, when downloading a PQ he asks for a target list and you have the possibility to download it to an existing list. That sounds good, but than I realized that by doing this I don't get the desired offline copy of my PQ because caches that are no longer available (found or archived) stay in the list. So I have to manually delete all unwanted caches or at each download I have to create a new list and then delete the old one.

    And why was this 'Choose target list for download' only added to the PQs and not to the download of online lists?

    What about this:

    1. The 'Choose target list for downbload' dialog gets a 'delete caches that are not longer in the list' option. (by doing this the offline list will have exactly the caches that are online)
    2. Download of online lists works like the download of PQs

    I would still have to be careful not to add caches to an online list and to its offline copy (perhaps you could also prevent adding caches to an offline list which is the copy of an online list) but with these two (I hope) small changes it would be rudimentary possible to keep an offline list in sync with its online counterpart.

    Perhaps you have othe/better/whatever ideas but it would be great to be able to keep online and offline lists in sync without much manual work.


  5. Hi,

    some time ago I noticed a problem with the handling of decimal separators in Cachly for german users. One part seems fixed, but there are still issues:

    Coordinate projection:
    When entering bearing and distance you get the numeric keyboard and for german users the decimal separator will be the comma. The bearing seemed to be interpretated correctly now since 90,1 gave me neew coordinates in the east. But it looks like the decimal places ar ignored. I made another test with 180°, 180,1°, 180,9° and 181°. I would have expexted that 180° and 180,1° give nearly the same result and 180,9° and 181° give nearly the same result. But the resulting coordinates for 180°, 180,1° and 180,9° are all the same. This can't be right.
    And the distance is even worse. Giving a distance of 50,01 m the new coordinates were 5 km away instead of roundabout 50 m.

    Pasting coordinates:
    Similar probleme here. At this place I have a normal keyboard thus I have the possibility to use a dot and I can work around, but it is annoying. At this place both should work because german users will usually get coordinates with dot when using internet tools but coordinates with comma when using tools on their phone which respect the language settings. Since dot and comma won't appear together (N52° 28.123 E9° 50.123 OR N52° 28,123 E9° 50,123) this should be possible.


  6. Just tested with a new cache I never touched before. Going back to the offline cache while my phone is offline showed the same strange behaviour as before:
    the corrected coordinates show up in the list of user waypoints (normally the coordinate ovverride doesn't show up in the list of user waypoints) and in the list of cache waypoints the original coordinates show also the corrected coordinates.

    Go back online, switch to the main page of the cache, pull down to update and the waypoints are fixed: no user waypoint and original coordinates which are the original ones

  7. Just tested. What I did:

    • Create a test list
    • Go to live view
    • Select a cache with corrected coordinates
    • Selected 'Add to list' from the 'list actions' menu
    • Add to my list
    • Switch to list
    • Selected cache from list
    • Go to Waypoints

    Result: A user waypoint named 'Coordinate override' with corrected coordinates and a cache waypoint named 'Original coordinates' also with the corrected coordinates

    • Go back to the main screen of the cache and pull down
    • Return to waypoints

    Result: No user waypoint but a cache waypoint named 'Original coordinates' with the original coordinates (this is what I would expect)

    • Close Cachly
    • Go offline
    • Start Cachly
    • Select the test cache in the test list
    • Go to Waypoints

    Result: A user waypoint named 'Coordinate override' with corrected coordinates and a cache waypoint named 'Original coordinates' also with the corrected coordinates

    Hope this helps.


  8. Cachly 5.2.5 (1)
    iPhone 6
    iOS with iOS 12.4

    Yes, I can replicate this. Just switched my phone offline, took a Cache at random from one of my offline lists, looked at Waypoints\Cache\Original Coordinates and it showed the corrected coordinates instead of the original ones. Then I switch my phone back online, go back to the main screen of the cache, pull down for update, go back to the waypoints and the original coordinates are OK.


  9. Yesterday I was caching and had an issue with Cashly. At one point on our hiking tour in the mountains we had problems finding a cache and wanted to check our coordinate projection. Based on what Cashly showed as 'Original coordinats' in the list of cache waypoints we did the coordinate projection again. Unfortunately what Cashly showed as 'Original coordinates' were in fact the 'Corrected coordinates'. So I made a second projection on the already projected coordinates and ended at a completely wrong place.

    I attached three screenshots. They show a solved Mystery. You see the main screen of the cache with the corrected coordinates and two screenshots of the waypoints. Once it shows the 'Original coordinates' as they should be and once it shows 'Original coordinates' which are in fact the corrected coordinates.





  10. Hi,

    This morning I realized the handling of trackables stopped working. Whenever the inventory of trackables is accessed (trackables in bottom menu or while logging a cache) I get an error message:
    "kilometersTraveled is not a supported property Parameter name: currentProperty" (see screenshot)

    I restarted Cachly and also logged out and back in to my GC account - didn't help.


    TB Issue.png

  11. Markups for bold and italic text are lost when editing logs.

    This morning I created and posted a found log while I was at the cache. At home I edited this log to complete it. The screenshots illustrate what happened. The screenshot with the ** shows what I saw while editing the log. The screenshot with the bold text is what I saw in the preview. And the screenshot without ** and bold text is what is online after I posted my changes. 

    iPhone 6/iOS 12.3.1/Cachly 5.1.4 (2)






  12. On 6/3/2019 at 6:33 PM, Nic Hubbard said:

    I agree there is room for improvement. I will look at past a certain zoom level, only center the map and don't zoom in. Meaning, if you are looking at the whole world, tapping the location button would zoom and center. But, if you have already manually zoomed in to a certain level, Cachly would honor that level and just center the map.

    And this zoom level can be configured? Because different users willl probably have different ideas regarding the zoom level that should be the threshold between "preserve zoom level" and "zoom in".

  13. Hi,

    right now I make preparations for my vacation and that drew my attention to something. I have a lot of lists and sometimes it's hard to keep track of them. But they fall into certain cathegories:

    1. Some default PQ covering my home zone
    2. Several lists for different cache series I want to keep track of
    3. Lists of caches for completing some challanges
    4. Lists for vacation
    5. Misc

    It would be helpful if I could organize these lists in folders



  14. 4 hours ago, Nic Hubbard said:

    Since these are user definable label names it is up to the user to remember what custom names were given.

    To be honest I expected your answer to point 2 :-), but would it be so hard to implement point 1 and show the name of the marking color in the cache details? I think it’s a relativ small change with great effect. 

  15. 1.) Meaning of the markers
    Starting on the map I see a cache with a black marker, but have no clue what it means (Screenshot1). I open the cache details, see that it's marked with the black marker, but I still have no clue what it means (Screenshot2). In order to get this info I have to edit the marker of this cache (Screenshot3) and finally in the list where I choose the color for this cache I can see the meaning of this marker/color.
    At least that's the only way I found.

    2.) Multiple markers/tags
    I think it would be great if these markers were used like tags and you could assign several tags to a cache. I attached an edited screenshot (Screenshot5), which might make this clearer. On the one hand you can see what the markings/tags mean (see point 1) and on the other hand it shows a cache to which two tags have been assigned.

    I hope this make my ideas clearer.