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    What map provider were you using? Map tiles will be downloading directly from their providers, so I am not sure what the slowdown would be. Have not seen this issue myself. Absolutely. In an upcoming version this screen will be completely changed basically making it a one tap download that users won't have to think about. It will also download all zoom levels as we are changing the algorithm to only download tiles in a radius around caches. This feature can be turned on by tapping the current location button to toggle its "modes". There is No Follow, Follow and Follow with Heading. Both these have been requested by other users as well and are something we are working on. Showing that a cache has been found, but not yet submitted the log wouldn't be hard. The DNF feature is something a bit harder since Groundspeak doesn't support this in their API. So we will need to use our own server to handle the DNF's for all users. Great idea about the zooming. Will get this added to our feature list. Absolutely. Working on some additional ways to show accuracy throughout the app. Should be included in our next release. Thanks for using Cachly! I highly value user feedback, so I really appreciate all of your comments and questions. My goal is to make the best Geocaching app out there, and this can't be done without users help!