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Found 4 results

  1. We were doing a multicache today and created a new user waypoint. Problem 1. At the time of creation the longitude and latitude were both set to 00.00.000. I’m sure they used to start at the current location on the basis that the new waypoint was close by and just needed tweaking from current location. Starting at 00.00.000 is frustrating esp downunder near the International Date Line Problem 2. Having created a new user waypoint we realised we had got the coords wrong. We entered Edit. When selecting Longitude or Latitude, the existing coordinates are both reset to 00.00.000 forcing us to start from scratch. This makes changing existing coords very difficult and very frustrating in the field. Normally only a small tweet is needed when a erroneous coord is entered and needs correcting.
  2. Hi, I would like to send waypoints created in cachly as personal cache note to geocaching.com. Two options would be great one at a time or bulk. Bulk would send all stored in cachly. When changing phone i could be sure that all waypoints are stored somewhere.
  3. This weekend I was doing some maintenance on several of my multi's. On one of the multi's, some of the stages had gone missing-->so I was going to cut them out. I noticed that when looking at my own multi on Cachly, the additional stages & final don't show up. I know that when looking at geocaching online, I can click a link to show all of the additional stages and final. Not a huge deal either way, but do you think that this is something that could be incorporated? Thanks in advance! SB
  4. Hi, I've been using Cachly for a few months now and find it great. I am starting to use Cachly more than my GPS now. I reckon waypoint averaging would be a great feature to have in Cachly as it would go great with the cache radius feature. Thanks, Sam (sambc72)
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