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Found 7 results

  1. I dont really play with trackables, but a few legacy challenges in my area require ### trackable logs. I was thinking I would just start discovering them in place without taking possession. I have played around and just cant figure out how to do this with cachly... Pretty sure it is straightforward but I am not getting it... Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I found myself scrolling and scrolling through my list of owned trackables and ones in my inventory in the app looking for a specific one. Currently, they don't seem to be in any particular order at all. Which makes it super hard to find the one I'm looking for. Is there anyway we can sort these alphabetically? Or by date of last log? Or have a few options for how we want to sort? I think it would also be helpful to be able to search by trackable name in additional to trackable code.
  3. pjhugs

    Trackable logs

    I attended by first event today! I couldn't figure out how to see the discovery logs of trackables I don't own after I had logged them. Am I missing something or is this not a feature of the app yet? Thank you for being my favourite geocaching app just the same!
  4. I have 4 trackable that are owned by me and are dipped depending who is caching with me i.e. Kids / dog in the car. I also activity pick up and drop trackabled when they are available. in the cachly app there is an option to visit all or drop all. It would be really useful to visit all then amend individually any to no action. For example visit all then change the Childrens and dogs trackable to no action if they were not with us at the time. thanks Robin
  5. We picked up our first trackable yesterday, but when I tried to log it I got an error because it hadn't been logged in at the cache we picked it up at by the previous cacher. What do I do now??
  6. Hello, logging TBs from offline notes fails with unspecified error. (see screenshot) Reproduceable with all trackables: search -> log trackable -> save -> offline trackables -> switch send -> send Code is correct. Logtype discovered. Message set. Cachly version 1.1.7 on iPhone 6 with iOS 10.0.2 Premium GC Member
  7. Hi, I find myself using Cachly more and more! Keep up the good work. One thing that I have noticed is a bit annoying, is that when you log a trackable and hit Send now button nothing happens. The trackable is logged though, but there is no feedback for the user. As a user I would expect some feedback. Preferably close the log trackable view or alternatively show message that the log was successfully sent.
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