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Found 3 results

  1. I’m wondering if there is an easy way to log multiple TB’s (especially when just visiting) using the same message/photos? We often are moving multiple TB’s and visiting caches. I like to write up some sort of description with pictures when possible and I love that I can select what TB’s I want to log within the cache log page but I have to copy/paste each message individually and attach pictures to each one. I would love to see an option of typing one message and having a drop down that shows all of the TB’s you have available and checking off boxes or having a toggle switch on those that you want to show that same message. Is there something like this in the works or is there an easier way to log the same message to multiple TB’s? Thanks!!
  2. Currently for each it is necessary to go to the section called "Trackable Drop/Visit" and select which TBs or coins you want to action. I would like to be able to automatically select any of the TBs or coins in my inventory to visit each cache I find. As a human trackable I log myself as visiting every cache I find and it would make this task easier if were automatically added to every log rather than selecting each time. I'm sure there are a number of cachers who track their mileage in this way.
  3. Hello, logging TBs from offline notes fails with unspecified error. (see screenshot) Reproduceable with all trackables: search -> log trackable -> save -> offline trackables -> switch send -> send Code is correct. Logtype discovered. Message set. Cachly version 1.1.7 on iPhone 6 with iOS 10.0.2 Premium GC Member