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Found 3 results

  1. I have downloaded some offline maps many months ago and in the list it shows the check mark that I have downloaded, however the date shows only a couple of days ago. Question: Are the maps that I have previously downloaded being automatically updated? (I tend to believe no). It would be nice to also see the date of my downloaded maps, is that info displayed somewhere in the app?
  2. Following discussion on the Facebook Cachly User Group from a user that lives on the border of Germany and wanted to know if there was a way of selecting two or more offline lists. I was thinking about this. I can see that technically the selector selects just a single map and it would require a fair bit of re-writing to change that. Reading another article on lists it hit me that a possible solution may be as follows: Since the users download the offline maps to their device, might it be possible to have the option (similar to merge lists) to merge maps locally. For this to work the user would need to have downloaded the maps to merge to their local device. A merge option could then allow them to select two maps and combine the data into one newer offline map. This sort of user driven solution that was entirely local to their device would allow anyone on a state/country border to choose the maps either side of that border and to merge them locally according to their own needs. If they needed more than 2 maps merged they could do it in stages merge two then merge a third into the merged map. This keeps the interface simple.
  3. Cachly version number: 2.0.3(4) 10.2.1 iPhone 6 Screen Premium member So, I got a notification on my iphone that I was low on storage space-->so I went to check it out: settings, general, storage & icloud usage, manage storage--> and cachly said that it was 5.5 gigs. Weird I thought, so I went to delete offline list that I didn't need anymore (from other countries). No change in size. Went to off line maps, deleted Japan (the only one I had) and still no change. Rebooted phone, no change. deleted cachly, downloaded it again, 22mb. Redownloaded Japan maps (supposed to be under 600mp), after it was finished, cachly said that it was almost 950. Did all of this to my iPad, and my wife's iPhone 5S...same story.
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