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Found 1 result

  1. rustywa

    DT Loop Filter

    Whenever I'm in a new area, I try to focus on those caches that will help me get the next loop of my DT grid. Sometimes I use project-gc for this but since I don't have a premium membership for this site, I'm limited to the next loop while my goal is a few loops away. As a work around I've tried two things: Note which combinations are missing from my DT goal and create a filter for each missing goal. I then highlight all the filtered caches to mark them. Once I've manually gone through all combinations, the highlighted caches are the ones I would need to get. Create a separate program that looks at my online DT stats and loads a GPX file. It then adds a UserFlag to those caches that would satisfy a missing DT combination. Upon loading that modified GPX file into Cachly, the highlighted caches again note the ones I should get. Both of these options are time consuming, require an internet connection and tie up the UserFlag field. I would love to have a filter that either shows me the caches that have the missing DT combinations for the n-th round. The current DT matrix could preferably be taken from my profile or manually entered on for instance a grid with checkboxes.