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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I would like to start by saying that the Cachly app is extremely user friendly, and wonderful to use while caching. The feature request I'm hoping will eventually be added is the ability to add event caches straight to my calendar app from Cachly. Since this is a beautifully native iPhone application I'm hoping it will work better than the Groundspeak app and desktop site function. On the GS app the event only gives the coordinates and the title. It is listed as an all day event. On the GS desktop site you can choose a file to download based on the calendar software you're using, and all of the event cache information is viewable in the notes (albeit sort jumbled and haphazard). However, the time always defaults to midnight or something other than the actual event time. If you would be able to incorporate this into Cachly that would be much appreciated! I like to quick add everything into my calendar so I don't forget whenever possible. Thanks again! Please keep up the wonderful work with this program!
  2. Would it be possible to show the event date in the listing directly? That way you can see the dates directly without the need to tab every event first one by one. if we then could also sort on that date that would give you a list of upcoming events...or make that the default perhaps even... thx !
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