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Found 2 results

  1. For about a week now, Cachly has been crashing for me when I try to navigate into my Dropbox folder hierarchy during GPX import. The Dropbox app had an update about a week ago and I'm wondering if that could be to blame. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling both Cachly and Dropbox on my iPhone, but that hasn't fixed my issue. My repro steps are: In Cachly, tap on the "More" option in the lower right corner Tap "Import GPX" Tap "Import from Dropbox" When the Dropbox app opens and displays a list of folders, tap on any one Result: Cachly crashes to the home screen. I'm able to work around this by starting from the Dropbox app, navigating to the file I want to import, selecting "Save to Device," and then selecting "Open in...Cachly." Any ideas what my issue might be?
  2. Feel free to move this to support forum if you feel it belongs there. I've had the following problem for over a year, but finally sitting down to deal with it. I cannot import from Dropbox if starting in Cachly, however, if I start in Dropbox, I can export to Cachly. This happens on both my iPhone 6S Plus & iPad Air2. FACTS: GSAK used to create GPX file from larger database of collected PQs from GC. This GPX file works fine in all other programs in computer & apps in devices. ex: Garmin Mapsouce program. Geosphere app. Windows 10 computer. iPhone 6S Plus & iPad Air2. Both running iOS 11.4 currently. Both Cachly app ver 4.2.1. Both Dropbox app ver 98.2.2. But the following has been happening on same devices for over a year. Noticed as early as Cachly ver 2 maybe. METHODS: 1. IMPORTING starting in Cachly. Open Cachly app. Tap more,,, Tap Import from Dropbox. Tap the GPX file in dropbox. Says "creating link". Then "error importing. Importing file types must be GPX. Other files cannot be import in Cachly." 2. EXPORTING starting in Dropbox. Open Dropbox app. Files. Tap the GPX file. Tap the 3 dots more menu. Tap Export. Select "Open in". Select "copy to Cachly". iPhone switches over to Cachly app on Import GPX screen where you choose the offline list. Proceed as usual & everything works fine. Side note: Though I haven't tried it recently, my recollection was that if file was small enough to be emailed, that importing from email also worked fine. So, thoughts? I'm creating the GPX file in GSAK the same way I've been doing it ever since started caching in 2002, or whatever year GSAK came out, which ever was latest. Its worked in a multitude of programs, devices & apps in those 16 yrs. I've searched this forum, but I seem to be only one with the issue, so I'm guessing its on my end somehow. What else to try?
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