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  1. Dropbox had another release a couple of days ago and now it seems as though this issue has been fixed!
  2. For about a week now, Cachly has been crashing for me when I try to navigate into my Dropbox folder hierarchy during GPX import. The Dropbox app had an update about a week ago and I'm wondering if that could be to blame. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling both Cachly and Dropbox on my iPhone, but that hasn't fixed my issue. My repro steps are: In Cachly, tap on the "More" option in the lower right corner Tap "Import GPX" Tap "Import from Dropbox" When the Dropbox app opens and displays a list of folders, tap on any one Result: Cachly crashes to the home screen. I'm able to work around this by starting from the Dropbox app, navigating to the file I want to import, selecting "Save to Device," and then selecting "Open in...Cachly." Any ideas what my issue might be?
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