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Found 4 results

  1. Hello is it possible to add ability to see friends logs in opened cache tab ? This feature is available in c'geo on android so API should support this. Thank you
  2. How do I see where I can and can’t hide a cache in cachly, I saw a video that the geocaching clogger posted and he had a radius of where he can’t hide a cache on the map. I attached a photo below Can someone tell me how to do this?
  3. Comet832

    Cache Types

    Hi guys... Just download Cachly. I'm not a premium member any longer but, I still have premium hidden caches. I tried to see them on the Maps and they're not showing. I can still see them on my other "official' Geocaching app. Any idea why.
  4. Cachly version number: 2.0.3(4) 10.2.1 iPhone 6 Screen Premium member So, I got a notification on my iphone that I was low on storage space-->so I went to check it out: settings, general, storage & icloud usage, manage storage--> and cachly said that it was 5.5 gigs. Weird I thought, so I went to delete offline list that I didn't need anymore (from other countries). No change in size. Went to off line maps, deleted Japan (the only one I had) and still no change. Rebooted phone, no change. deleted cachly, downloaded it again, 22mb. Redownloaded Japan maps (supposed to be under 600mp), after it was finished, cachly said that it was almost 950. Did all of this to my iPad, and my wife's iPhone 5S...same story.
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