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Found 2 results

  1. I had a very simple caching day today. I had five finds, no DNF's. Using "Live" view, I clicked a cache and brought up cache details. I then clicked "Log this cache". I used the "find count" as part of my log. I did not turn on "Send Log Now". At the end of the day, I had 5 pending Geocache Logs (representing five finds). I then posted each log one at a time (no way to post them all at the same time). They were all posted as field notes on GC.com. I started the day with X finds. The first find for today was given a find number of X+1. Unfortunately, each of the other finds was also given the same find number (X+1). No increment took place in any of today's finds except for the first. I understand that it is difficult to keep track of finds as there are so many ways finds can be recorded. But what I've described is the easiest and probably one of the most straightforward method of logging. Would the result have been any different if I had posted each field note as I went along rather than have them accumulate until the end of the day? Or would the results have been different if I posted these field notes as logs immediately as they were found?
  2. So, I'm trying to set up my default logs. i would like to display the user find number that that find is equal to. When I use *|find_count|* it shows my current find count, which is one less than the find that I'm trying to log. I've messed with a +1 in the syntax but can't figure it out. Thanks in advance SB
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