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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, usually I am saving the caches for offline use as often I don't have internet signal. It would be nice if the marker would be a different one (e.g. with small disc icon) if this cache was saved on my phone. Same marker could be used in offline lists. An additonal filter in live view and offline list for "saved caches" or "not saved caches" would be fine. The sort option in list > list view could be extended by "date of saving cache". I am not a premium user of Geoaching.com so I can only update or download 3 caches per day. Thanks Maik
  2. I have an offline list on my Cachly app that I created a gpx file from. Now I want to import that GPX file into my account Lists on geocaching.com. Can anyone here help me with that? Thanks.
  3. Not sure if this already was requested: While updating an offline list, cachly tells me "Downloading Caches" and shows the infinite circle animation turning and turning around. If the offline list contains lots of caches (updating them might take several minutes), the user does not know if there is some progress / what exactly is happening at all. It would be great to see some kind of progress bar or the like; e.g. "Updating Caches - 100 of 2685 completed". UI doesn't need to be refreshed after every single cache but maybe based on the amount of caches stored in the offline list (1000 caches = update every 100 caches successfully updated).
  4. I have been using Cachly since about May 1 and have been very happy with the app. Sooooooooooooo much better then the official Geocache app and the Classic app. For the Offline List is it possible to have these enhancements sometime in the future: 1) Sort the Offline list. The individual folders be able to slide to the desired position. 2) Update one of the folders in the list. i.e Solved Puzzles (all caches inside the specific folder). When I have over 200 in a folder it takes some time to do each one individually. 3) Export the list as a GPX file or something that can be saved from iPhone to iPad, GPS or make a bookmark on Geocaching.com. I have been placing my solved puzzles (>200) from the Classic Geocache app to Cochly one-by-one! Even if I place them into a booklist I would have to place them one-by-one. 4) How to rename each folder. I have two folders with the same name, where one was imported as a booklist and the other was started from within Cachly. Again this is the best geocache app that I have viewed or used. Thanks for making this fantastic app. gjhimages
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