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  1. Is there a way to import corrected coordinates and personal notes from a recieved GPX via cachly to geocaching.com? When I've solved a mysterytrail, I can make an export through cachly including corrected coordinates and personal notes and share this GPX with my friends.They can import the GPX in cachly and see also the corrected coordinates and personal notes. So far so good. But is it also possible for them to import these coordinates and personal notes to geocaching.com via cachly?
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    I discovered today that saving a draft is only possible when a message is created. The message field can no longer be left empty like in the past.. Entering just any letter will do the trick for now.. Is this a bug?
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    Thanks Nic, Sounds a little weird why something is required in this, because this is something we log at home. That is (or was) one of the benefits of the concept log and I think many users will second that. The workaround works but thanks for asking HQ for a little change on this one.
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    Cachly is loading slow

    Hi, I'm a happy cachly-user for a long time now, but since a couple of weeks we're experiencing some very annoying slow loading of caches while scrolling the map and tap the "renew/reload" button on the bottom of the map. Sometimes it took ages before new caches appear and sometimes no new caches are showing up and the app keeps loading and loading. Same for saving drafts when we found a cache. When we close the app in iOS (by swiping the app upwards after a double home tap), the app seems to work for some moments and then it repeats. We're using the app on 2 different iPhones 8. Meanwhile, we also see some other cachers with the same problem on the Dutch FB-page "Geocaching voor iedereen" (translated as Geocaching for anybody, which is the largest community in the Netherlands with over 10,000 members). I keep an eye on the http://status.geocaching.com page, which monitors the API. Sometimes we see that here are some issues, but sometimes not. We're also experiencing a very slow load with the online open street maps on a 4G dataplan. The map is building up very slow. is this a know issue?
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    Cachly is loading slow

    I assumed that it would probably be API problems. Thanks for the comment!