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  1. I uploaded a series of caches from dropbox exported from GSAK. All the data was there I was able to find caches when off line. Cachly worked just fine, save the logs as pending when I was off line while using the off line mode. When back in communication with the world, these pending logs would not upload to Ground Speak. I get an Geocaching not found error using this offline data. Cachly worked just fine when on line and off line as a source of the cache data, off line "residual" caches were displayed and I was able to log them and save them as pending and then pending log data uploaded just fine after being out of cell range. Why am I having issues uploading pending logs from the "pending geocaching log" section in the More section? Again these caches that won't upload came from Dropbox via GSAK. I got to say I really enjoy this app, except for this little issue. Thank you don
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