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  1. Request: the ability to add the 528 ft./0.1 mi. cache radius on the map for caches that are not traditional. The app does not automatically do this as a lot of mysteries/multis/letterboxes etc. don't start at the posted coordinates. However, say an unknown cache is actually just a gadget cache at the posted coords, I could choose from the dropdown list to "Show Cache Radius" so I can know where to hide a cache. If I decided that I want to hide the radius, the option "Show Cache Radius" would change to "Hide Cache Radius" in the dropdown (three dots). Thanks! SlumberBear
  2. I recently downloaded the GPX file for the "Berkshire Mountains Geo-Faerie Adventure" here and when I tried to import it through email it was stuck processing for upwards of 10 minutes. Any tips? Will lab cache GPX files not work? - iPhone 6 / iOS 10.3.2 - Cachly Version 3.0.2 (4) - Premium user Thanks, SlumberBear
  3. Hello there, I'm a recent convert from the official iOS app to Cachly and so far I am enjoying it. However, I do have a few thoughts which could be merely preference-based but I do want to bring them up. First, when navigating to a cache on the map in the official app, there is a nifty little compass on the bottom of the screen that has a line directing you where to go. I know the goal isn't to make this app exactly like the official one, but I do think that is important for functionality as switching from the map to the compass can be a bit cumbersome. Perhaps instead there could be a way to "align" the map with the direction you're pointing? The next two might be just preference based, I'm not sure. It seems like it would be more functional if the lists tab and the offline lists tab could be combined like in the official app. When you save a list, there could just be a little check or whatever to signify it that it is saved. Lastly, I like how the official app only has one map view. That is, when you view a list on the map and then exit list view, it will put you right on the "live" map. The same could be said about navigating to a cache. Having multiple map views just seems a bit cumbersome, and is one reason why I believe the official app has a leg up on this one functionality/efficiency wise. Sorry if it seemed like I was bashing this app, I really didn't mean to and I really do like what you've done with it so far (along with actually listening to the community). It just seems like there is no reason the things I noticed make the app just a little bit more busy and cluttered. I hope you can let me know what you think.
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