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    Unable to download the Wherigo Cartridges.

    Thanks a bunch Nic! I really appreciate it!
  2. Hi All: I noticed lately when I use the Cachly App that I’ve been unable to download the cartridges from Wherigo.com. I can click on the link on the web site (using the Cachly App),which brings brings me to the Wherigo cartridge at wherigo.com. But when I select for cartridge file (“Pocket PC”) and then click “download now”, nothing happens. I tried doing the same thing using the GS App, and I am able to download the wherigo cartridge with no issues. Any ideas why this might be the case? Great App btw....so much easier to navigate! Keep up the great work! Thanks! CWillyPngn
  3. CWillyPngn

    Unable to download the Wherigo Cartridges.

    Hi Team Demp, I tried your suggestion of accessing the cartridge from the browser and I was able to download the cartridge so maybe the download doesn't work in the Cachly browser? As for the GC App, I was able to see the link in the Ramapo Tour Wherigo (GC19M6B) although you had to scroll down the page to see it.