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  1. Is there anyway to show all the additional waypoints associated with a cache on the map, all at once? As far as I can tell, I can only select each individual waypoint from the list of waypoints on the cache page. That brings up the map zoomed out to include my current position and the waypoint. The problem is the cache i am looking at is a long way away from me, plus it only shows the one waypoint, not the others associated with the cache. Attached are 3 screen captures. One from Cachly that shows only one waypoint and the 2 other screen captures (from the GC map in a browser and from another iPhone app) that show all the waypoints.
  2. MrGigabyte

    How to show all Additional Waypoints on map?

    For me, I find it very useful to see all the parking and all the trail heads in an area, independent of a particular cache. If you could some how differentiate the waypoints by type (i.e parking, trailhead - different colors) that would be very useful. An option in the settings for the map to see or hide all additional waypoints, would be great.
  3. MrGigabyte

    How to show all Additional Waypoints on map?

    But how do I show all the waypoints for all caches on the map?
  4. MrGigabyte

    How to show all Additional Waypoints on map?

  5. MrGigabyte

    Posting all Pending logs?

    I have dozens of Pending Logs I now wish to upload. I am unable to locate the Upload All Logs Now button so I can upload them all in one shot. I am sure I saw it once, but cannot seem to locate it. Can anyone point me to where this option is located. Thanks