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  1. 13 hours ago, rragan said:

    A group of 3 may not find it on the same day. Should n DNFs on a single day count as 1?

    My preferences, I'd like to see them count as 3. If those 3 people are seasoned cachers, the cache may actually be missing.

    It would be nice (but probably too complicated) if we could choose whether we want DNFs on the same day to count as 1.  

  2. 8 hours ago, Ham fam said:

    I could see a benefit in adding the ability to ignore via settings if a cache's most recent X caches are DNFs.  I hate getting to a cache only to find that it's not been found the last 5 times.

    Hopefully we'll see this feature in the future. Back in Feb 2017 Nic said "This is a good idea. Filter caches with recent DNFs. Will add this to our list." He's really great at implementing requested features that are do-able, so hopefully, filtering for rows of DNFs has moved up the list near the top. 

  3. Yes, please I think it would make geocaching more enjoyable for me if I could filter out caches with 2 or more recent DNFs.

    I use a Red Wrench PQ to filter out caches with NM/NA/TD but I think it would also be a nice feature in Cachly.

    But if you have to pick one feature to work on first, please pick filtering DNFs. :)

  4. I'd like to filter for OM (Owner Maintenance) logs in the past 2 years. 

    I'd like to try to filter for maintained caches with active owners. I'm having a difficult time finding caches that are in reasonably good shape, and I think that if I could filter for OM logs, I might have a better chance of getting good cache owners and their cared-for caches. 

  5. When I log a find I like to thank the owner but often forget to look to see who the owner is before going to the message box. Would it be possible to add the owner's name in the 'Write' box of the Message field? It will also remind others that there is an owner attached to each cache hide. What I do now is open up the official geocaching app, do a nearest search, look up the cache owner's name, then go back to finish writing up on Cachly.