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  1. lost in the wilds

    Seeing Hides

    Fantastic, that is exactly what I need. Yes I guess t wouldn't show archived caches, but at least I would know what I was still looking for! Thanks
  2. lost in the wilds

    Seeing Hides

    When out caching earlier I was doing a series, however one of them seemed to be missing, maybe archived? I clicked on the Hidden by *CO name* and tried clicking on their hides hoping for a list which didn't happen. Is it possible for this to be available in the future?
  3. lost in the wilds

    Hidden logging when attaching TB logs

    I have been having a similar problem. I picked up 3 TBs at the weekend and have my personal TB. When asking for all TBs to be visited to a cache it does the normal log created, TB log created and then goes back to the log screen as if the log wasn't sent. I have double logged a couple as a result. It doesn't seem to work if you log them all individually, only with the 'all visited' option.