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  1. That second forum link is EXACTLY the problem I am having... thank you for sharing this and letting me know it is a Groundspeak issue rather than a Cachly issue!
  2. I am running iOS 16.5.1(c) I am running Cachly 7.1.1(1) I originally thought this was a "me" problem and that I had done something wrong but a friend just experienced the same issue (software unknown) so I thought I should bring it here. While on a couple of trips, I composed all my logs as drafts that I had originally saved just within Cachly, including pictures where wanted. Once I was home, I uploaded all the drafts to my Geocaching account page so I could finish composing them on my computer. Drafts without pictures are working just fine. If the draft had a picture or pictures attached to it, when I submitted the "found it" log, it would just spin and spin. I have found a few things through trial and error. 1. Even though the submission page was spinning, the "found it" log was uploaded. Only the pictures wouldn't upload. 2. I can go in and add the pictures through "edit logs" in Cachly. 3. My other solution was to delete the pictures from my drafts and submit just the "found it" log which submitted just fine. Then I had to go through Cachly like in point #2 and add the pictures after the fact. This is the first time I have ever had an issue with pictures and drafts. I'm not sure what I could possibly have done wrong as I have followed the same procedure each time (I create the log and attach a picture from my photo library.) I do not typically take my pictures through the camera in Cachly. Obviously, I should be able to submit the pictures along with the log and have in the past (using drafts.) **I did just do a little digging from my live logging yesterday through Cachly. I had had an issue with a live log on a DNF (I thought it was connectivity issues at that point) and have just realized that the picture had not posted with it and I had to attach it after the fact through Cachly as well.
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