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  1. Mapsoft

    Share GPS-Coordinates

    Just send the answer and (hopefully) understood your answer. That would be fine :-)
  2. Mapsoft

    Share GPS-Coordinates

    Is that correct that I see apple and google maps (and nothing else) there? Following your answer I am in navigation mode in those programs and can‘t share any further. i would like to see a share/send to …. that I can send it to (in my case) the Tesla- and/or BMW- App or any other App that can use these Coordinates.
  3. Mapsoft

    Share GPS-Coordinates

    I would like to see a share GPS-Coordinates. More and more cars (or just Google maps) get the ability to accept GPS-Coordinates to navigate to. Right now I copy the Coordinates …. Change to google maps (or other) app …. paste the coordinates and then share. idealy not only to final-cords …. But also to other waypoints … e.g. parking coords.