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    Syncing Drafts?

    Hi, I just discovered Cachly. Before I was a GC App / web interface user. Cachly is great (Offline maps!) However I'm struggling with some minor things. For some I already found answers/solution here. This one I was not able to figure out so far: How can I see my Draft Logs which I already made with the GC App. I'm able to see them in the GC web interface, and they sync between my iPhone and iPad in the GC App. Isn't this supported in Cachly? I'm able to do drafts and submit them (either online or as postponed item) to the GC database in cachet, but not the other way around?! xelarep
  2. xelarep

    Syncing Drafts?

    Hi Nic, thanks for your response. That’s close to how I logged in the past: drafting and final log at home at the browser. I’m considering using pending logs, however for travel bugs I try to use immediate logging, to provide past feedback to the database. Regarding my initial question: it would be at least good to show a number and names of drafts in the GC database to remind me to complete my logs ;-) thx, xelarep