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  1. chihuahuajill

    Internal server error

    Thanks Nic. The problem persisted for several days before I decided to try the reinstall. Obviously I would have preferred not to have to delete it because of losing all offline lists and settings. But…I really didn’t like having access to Cachly more!
  2. chihuahuajill

    Internal server error

    I resolved the problem by deleting the Cachly app and reinstalling. I saved all my offline lists as gpx files prior to removing the app because they were deleted along with the app. After reinstalling, everything worked fine and I reimported the gpx files back in to restore my offline lists.
  3. chihuahuajill

    Internal server error

    When trying to search for caches, it takes a long time and eventually gives the following error: “Error Request failed: internal server error (500)”. I’ve tried logging out and back in and have tried rebooting my phone, but neither helped. I’m able to search for caches on the website and on the official app. I have an iPhone 13 mini running iOS 15.3.1, Cachly version 7.0.12 (3). I’m a premium member on geocaching.com