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    Challenge Checkers

    Hello, this is a two part feature request for cachly. 1. A challenge checker display option - a display in the map screen that showed if the player qualifies for a challenge. 2. An option to paste your challenge cache qualifications into a geocache log. The second part of the request would be really convenient as copying/pasting challenge cache qualifications can sometimes take quite awhile. To clarify this would be the results you get after running a checker. Here is a link to one as an example: https://project-gc.com/Challenges/GC4ZMBJ/31511
  2. forest-ghost

    Changing Icon Types

    I haven't tried that, thank you I think that will fix my problem!
  3. forest-ghost

    Changing Icon Types

    Is there any way to change all caches in a list to a different icon type? I have been creating several list of adventure labs using Lab2Gpx and have found that the lists either import the labs as mystery icons or only some of the caches show with the AL icon. If there is another work around to import a gpx file so that all the caches show as a specific icon type please let me know.