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  1. Steinpilz42

    Map Auto-Zoom, Watch Multi Support and some more

    I think that depends on the country, here in Germany we have lots of multis and various mystery caches and letterboxes with multiple stages.
  2. Steinpilz42

    Map Auto-Zoom, Watch Multi Support and some more

    That Sounds nice. Thank you. Good work so far! That means what? So I cannot use the watch app to navigate to anything else but the listing coordinate? Then the watch companion is not very useful. I don't understand why the API has something to do with this. When I create a GPX with caches, for example using Project-GC, I'm able to include up to 100 Logs in the GPX. So Cachly have these 100 Logs and with a local list of my friends it can offer a filter method. Why not?
  3. Hi Cachly-Community As a long-time Looking4Cache user I gave Cachly a try since I own an Apple Watch. It's a very nice app with a lot of features, some things I miss so it could be even better: 1. If the map is in mode "navigate to target" it isn't auto-zoom when I approach the target. You need to manually reload to zoom in when you get closer. 2. It would be nice to have a compass and the map in one view 3. What about a proximity alert so you get a sound when you approach the target by X meters? 4. Can Cachly access the favo ratio beside the absolute favo count? It would be nice to sort a list by the favo ratio. 5. When you add a projection waypoint, the base is always the current position, right? It would be far better if you can also set an existing waypoint as the projection base. 6. When having a multi cache with multiple waypoints, the watch app is always navigating to the listing coordinates. Or am I doing something wrong? 7. Often requested: I want to restrict existing logs to my friends. It's not needed to interact with the GC-Friend list. It would be enough if I can create a local user list and to filter log lists to that users. Hope to see some of these features in the near future ... Ulli (Steinpilz42)